Caught in Creativeless-ness

DSCN1609_1168Don’t say it, I am aware creativeless-ness is not a word. However, it somehow adequately describes my current state of being. This last push towards hitting the road has become challenging, to say the least. I know I should be sharing with our faithful readers the continuing improvements to the truck and camper, to amuse with tales of yet another crazy craigslist shopper as we disperse of our material possessions, to let you in on a little slice of life in disarray.

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Someday I will…..

I adore Jimmy Buffet. While not quite as obsessed as many of his parrot head tribe, following him around the world on tour dates, I have been an avid fan for many a year. In fact, our truck-campers name of Tequila is based on our personal theme song, Margaritaville. For myself, and I would presume the majority of Jimmy’s fans, I find great wisdom in the lyrics of his song.

I see a white sail
skipping cross a blue bay
and I say Someday I Will
I see a young man
strumming on a green guitar
and I say Someday I Will

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A Battle of Wills

I held tight to her collar, repeating “drop it” over and over while every minute or two Porter chose to start barking, giving his opinion of Aspen’s hold on HIS squeaky toy. Channeling my inner dog whisperer I didn’t pull on the toy itself, instead merely holding her in place by her collar, all while striving for patience.

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Finding Balance

Lately we feel we have reached middle ground. With the house sold, we are no longer home owners, and yet we are also not yet on the road. We reside here in the middle, in a place in between roots and wings. Our situation reveals that for all of the things we miss, there is another set of things we appreciate in this interim time, even as we anticipate hitting the road soon. Perhaps the perfect analogy for how life will be on the road; a juxtaposition of the things we leave behind and the things we gain from the leaving.


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Back to the Beach ~ for a Wedding

Our little pack just returned from our first trip to the beach since May, a nearly unprecedented length of time away from our favorite place. This weekend brought us to Pacific City, a place we swore never again to camp at, but my little brothers wedding brought us back. My younger brother, Warren is six years younger than I, and we’ve always been close, so we were thrilled to still be in town for the big day!


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A Lazy Respite at the Lake

During what has been a rather hectic summer for us, our camping plans diminished to almost nothing. Unlike our normal two-three trips per month, we were approaching mid summer with only our anniversary trip to Timothy Lake to talk about. But in spite of selling our house and family concerns, we were booked for a long weekend at the lake for the 4th of July, and we were NOT missing it!


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And the Adventure Begins~

Well, sort of. As I wrote out earlier in the year, for us 2015 represents transformationAlthough several types of transformation were included in that post, one that was particularly linked to the success of some others, was the sale of our house. We could transform our bodies while still living there, but for our REAL transformation to begin, that of going from cubicle 9-5 to digital nomads, required the sale of those physical things that tied us to this place. The biggest, of course, being a home.


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Searching for Answers at Paquime

I am a sucker for a good UNESCO Heritage Site. Having explored dozens of them, all around the world, we were eager to end our birthday trip to Mexico on a high note with a trip to Paquime, in Casas Grandes. Easily the largest civilization in the Chihuahua desert, villages formed here as early as 700 AD.

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Alpine Delight in Creel

We always love a good mountain town, whether it be someplace stylish a’ la Whistler, somewhere close to home like Government Camp, or the adventure capital of the Copper Canyon, Creel. Leaving our spectacularly situated hotel on the rim of the Canyon, we were circling back to the United States, but not before being lucky enough to spend a few hours wandering scenic Creel.


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