The Power of a Sundowner

Around the world, Sundown is a time of reverence. People pause for a moment in their day to pay homage to the power of mother nature and acknowledge the continuance of life, moving into the next day.

On thing we miss here at home is the USA is the practice of a sundowner, taking a few minutes to stop and enjoy the moment. We have made a commitment to re-introduce this into our daily habit and appreciate the passing of another day, the blessing of being alive, and the respect for the cycle of life.

We had many miraculous sundowners in the course of our life, and here we’ll share a few of our favorites whether the moment be in Zanzibar, off the coast of East Africa:


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Featured on Briefcase to Backpack!

Not long ago, Jim & I were featured on the Career Break pages of Briefcase to Backpack, a site encouraging and teaching others how to take a successful and long-term career break. We were contacted by them after last years Meet, Plan, Go meetings when an encouraging numbers of newbies to extended travel were wondering just how it’s done!

The article turned out great. Check it out here: