Cruises from Southampton


Just because you don’t like flying doesn’t mean you can’t still explore some of the world’s most far-flung and exotic locations. With cruises from Southampton you can set sail from the UK without an aircraft terminal in sight, and enjoy anything from a weekend mini cruise to a three-month sea-faring voyage of adventure.

Holidaymakers opt for UK cruise departures for many different reasons – and not just because some people can’t bear the thought of flying. Cruises from the UK can be cheaper, given that there are no flights involved. They can be more accessible, thanks to extensive on-site car parking facilities and local road networks. And, perhaps most importantly of all, cruises from Southampton offer some of the most incredible cruise itineraries on the market.

Far from being limited by sea-based transportation, it can open up a whole new world of holidays, taking you to destinations you never thought possible. With UK cruises you can explore the sizzling sights of the Mediterranean, perhaps spending time on the sun-baked French Riviera, the chic cities of coastal Spain, or soaking up the heritage and world-famous landmarks of Italy.

You could head out into the Atlantic to enjoy Lisbon’s cobbled streets, the volcanic wonders of the Canary Islands or the beautiful, flora-rich island of Madeira.

Some UK cruises even travel to the Caribbean islands. It’s the perfect chance to discover these spectacular islands in all their laid-back, exotic glory – complete with paradise shores and cheerful, bustling towns and cities. Some Caribbean itineraries include a return flight to shorten the trip, while others offer a round-trip by sea.

The Caribbean usually features strongly in even more adventurous itineraries, such as round-the-world cruises. This is a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to some of the world’s most spectacular locations without setting foot on a plane. How’s that for an unforgettable holiday experience?

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