Life Remotely Expedition Tongs ~ a Campers Must Have!

As frequent campers, we are always in search of the right tools. With all of our extensive BBQing, dutch oven cooking, and campfires, tongs are an often used, and handy tool. Thus, we were thrilled to see our friends at Life Remotely had come up with the ultimate expedition tongs. Apparently bored after completing their drive down the PanAm Highway and finishing their wonderful camp cookbook, Forks in the Road, they decided to create the perfect tong duo.


I purchased a set of tongs for Jim as an early birthday present, and they proved extremely useful on their first weekend out. Jim was thrilled with the ease of which the heavier set were able to re-arrange firewood perfectly. With a full moon overhead and Thai chicken noodle curry in our bowls, it was spring camping perfection.


With the weather ever-changing, our planned outdoor dinner threatened to become camper cooking, yet the weather fairies intervened and our evening remained dry. The lighter pair of tongs proved perfect for turning the stuffed chicken on the BBQ as well as being delicate to turn asparagus.


Although you can order either tong individually, we whole-heartedly recommend purchasing as a pair. You save a bit of money, and better yet will be prepared for any occasion! If our endorsement isn’t enough of an enticement, just check out these other 101 uses already documented!


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6 thoughts on “Life Remotely Expedition Tongs ~ a Campers Must Have!

      • Hey Guys, I am so glad you enjoy using the tongs, and thank you for the awesome review!

        Yes we will be at Overland Expo again this year, doing a whole bunch of cooking demos! Stop by Booth 43a, we will have the tongs with us.

        • Hi Kobus, We used them again this past weekend at camp, where they proved excellent for dutch oven cooking! Looking forward to meeting you in May.

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