Clear Lake

The silence was deafening. And exactly what we were looking for. Day to day life had, in recent weeks, become exhausting. Yes, a certain amount of angst is simply due to restlessness in our quest to return to the road. But busy days at work, many chores at home, and spending most weekends away from home, the last admittedly self induced, had created an intense need to not just go away…but to get away.

Away from cell service, away from people, away from the cares of the world.


Clear Lake, an as of yet un-visited site for us, was our choice. Knowing we would be arriving ย after dark Friday night we had wanted something close to home, but absolutely rustic. No hook-ups, no crowds, no RVs. We needed peace and quiet and dark, starry nights. Long morning walks with only the birds and chipmunks for company.



Days spent fishing and napping and reading. Hours in the hammock, simply gazing at the slight breeze wafting through the branches above. Evenings spent around the fire with some 18-year old Rum. With only a sliver of a moon, we were surrounded by the sounds of the night around us.




Normally an early riser, I found myself lazing in bed until the advanced hour of 730. Even the black dogs were reluctant to leave the coziness. But another day awaited us, filled with glorious lake views and the joy of being surrounded by the magnificence of the beauty around us.





We returned home, inevitably, to the expected yard work, fully refreshed and ready to face the world. Journeying into nature is our happy place. The dogs are never happier than when they see us getting the camper ready to go, spending their time simply hanging out in the truck and/or camper to ensure their participation. Nature refreshes us and nourishes our souls. Living in our snug home-on-wheels is sometimes tight, but that togetherness is all we truly need.


Next weekend we will be off again, once more with friends. Will there be mustaches and martinis? Fishing and hiking? Too much good food and wine? Surely all of the above. On to the next big adventure!

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3 thoughts on “Clear Lake

  1. Clear Lake, CA, right?! A beautiful spot, completely agree. We loved the forest of evergreen trees and the town of Clear Lake. What we didn’t like was the mosquitoes. Unfortunately, we stopped at a camp site and at dusk the mosquitoes swarmed to the point of near madness. But, beyond those pesky buggers, Clear Lake is beautiful and relaxing. You can’t go wrong being in the mountains next to a lake!

    • No Patti.. Clear Lake OREGON! Apparently, there are two… one down near the McKenzie pass but this one is just 10 miles pat Government Camp on the slopes of Mt Hood. Nice to have such amazing beauty a mere 75min from our house ๐Ÿ™‚ We had no bugs (of course it was in the low 40’s at 3500ft in late Sep) and can’t wait to go back again.

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