All I Need

The rain pounded on the roof, wind gusts of over 60mph causing the camper to sway. A slight whistle sounded through the vent, even as our collective breathing fogged the windows. Pacific NW camping during a storm. An excellent idea!


Our weekend mini-adventures are our saving grace. After the tedium of the weekday routine, our weekend escapes are essential to our peace of mind. As we pulled into the gas station, the evening before, the attendant had expressed shock at the fact that we were just then heading to the coast. Yes, it was dark. Yes, a huge storm was forecast to roll into. Yes, it was pouring rain. No matter to us, we were heading out!

As expected, the campground was sparcely occupied. As expected, our walks on the beach and around the bay loop proved lonely, a good thing since we weren’t looking for company.


The weekend provided exactly what we were looking for and merely brought home the end truth…. wherever our little pack is together, that is home. That is all we need. The dogs are never happier than we are all together in the camper. While we love warm weather camping, hanging in the sun, and long evenings around the campfire, there is much to be said for off season retreats.

Empty campgrounds, open beaches, and total relaxation thrills our soul. Bad weather gives us permission for sleeping in, afternoons playing cards and drinking rum, long naps, and stick- to- the- ribs dinners, along with no agenda. We spend our weekends planning only with the whims of the weather. If it’s dryish, we go hiking. If it’s storming, we hunker down and read a book by candlelight. No plans exist beyond seeing what the next storm surge brings.


Inevitably, the weekend ended and we headed home to prepare for another week of work, feeling more strongly than ever that this camper, this home on wheels, is all we need. Our little family together, in spite of the weather, is sheer perfection.

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8 thoughts on “All I Need

    • Have you seen our paw print tattoos??? They’re probably in some old post (our dear Maddy’s prints from that final vet visit). lol. Luckily, Aspen is hefty enough to make a great sand print 🙂

  1. Even though it makes me cold just imagining camping in that weather, it still sounds enticing. I know what you mean – there’s just something about being just where you need to be that makes you feel so warm, so at home. Your pups are so cute!

    • Thanks Carmel ~ we think they’re pretty cute too 🙂 Lucky for us, the camper is cozy and we have a full implement of rainy day clothes! But exactly right, home truly is where the heart is, not a physical location.

    • Thanks Sarah, even while on a continuing search for our happiness of pursuit, I’m also working on being fully “in the moment” and appreciating every day in it’s own right. XOXO

  2. Reading this while sitting in a rainy car park contemplating an evening in the tent makes me very jealous of your cozy camper 😉

    • Oh no! We’ve been there so can certainly appreciate your night. There were a half dozen tent campers sharing the storm with us…. brave souls!

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