A Leap of Faith

The drive west on Highway 26 appears paved in gold. Lined with thousands of trees displaying a dozen shades of red and gold, the wet road reflects the multi-hued colors, creating the appearance of  a golden pathway leading to weekend bliss. The sun was setting as we pulled into camp, turning the calm bay as golden as the road ahead of us.


The forecast was exceedingly improved upon from the weekend before, a good thing, considering Ron and Dario would be joining us for their first ever off season camping experience! Cape Lookout was the place. My birthday weekend the why.


Lady luck was in our favor and the majority of the weekend was delightfully clear.  We walked the beach, hiked the North Trail, and hung out in the sun listening to Oregon Duck football. Ron prepared dinner both nights along with some delicious cupcakes, and Saturday ended with a sundowner and rum around the campfire.


Our dear friends, warm weather campers, were surprised by how pleasant off-season camping can be. We told them, they just had to have a little faith. One thing we are learning to embrace, while in this place in the middle, is to put our trust in the universe. To offer our intentions to the world, be willing to take that leap of faith, that first step up the partially obscured staircase, trusting that the universe will present us with what we need.


Actively pursuing a life less ordinary requires many leaps of faith. There are no guarantees, except one ~ that it is absolutely worth it!

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4 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith

  1. Happy Birthday! Glad you had good weather… although you can’t beat those blustery days on the Pacific Coast!! PS…. don’t eat that mushroom ;^)

    • haha.. Thanks Vikki and nope.. we didn’t eat the mushroom but they sure are diverse and interesting. And, never fear… Sunday morning was, in fact, blustery and pouring. Welcome to Oregon Autumn.

    • Thanks Kim! Hope Sayulita is treating you well. Love that you have adopted a street dog already 🙂 XOXO

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