Back to the Beach ~ for a Wedding

Our little pack just returned from our first trip to the beach since May, a nearly unprecedented length of time away from our favorite place. This weekend brought us to Pacific City, a place we swore never again to camp at, but my little brothers wedding brought us back. My younger brother, Warren is six years younger than I, and we’ve always been close, so we were thrilled to still be in town for the big day!


A full campground and very busy beach greeted us. Nearly perfect weather, long walks on the beach and lazing about camp made for a lovely and relaxing Saturday before we headed to the gorgeous house rented for the ceremony.




Warren and his gorgeous bride Julie met on a plane nearly four years ago. I remember him at that time, raving about meeting a wonderful girl on his way home from Las Vegas, and his life hasn’t been the same since.


It was an intimate ceremony, attended only by their closest friends and family, overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean. Heartfelt vows were exchanged, and lots of reminiscing occurred, as happens when people who have known each other for a long time come together.




We knew this day would come, but with our impending departure were beyond happy we were able to be there with them, to watch them vow to love and honor each other from this day forward.





Each of our days consists of eagerly plotting and planning for the trip of a lifetime. Just as each day also consists of soaking in every moment we have with those we love, fully aware of the pros AND cons of the life we  have chosen. Congratulations Warren and Julie. We wish you an amazing life together filled with love and laughter. We are so honored that we were there to share the joining of your lives with you.



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