The Beginning of the End

Or, perhaps more accurately, the ending of the preparation towards a new beginning? Time keeps slipping away from me as we continue to wrap up our life here at home.


Lately, our life has continued to revolve around getting Tequila ready to hit the road South, while dispersing ourselves of all of the STUFF  acquired over 27 years. Daily I look around me, at a rapidly shrinking material footprint, and question how all of it came to be. Obviously, we did need certain things and our dining room table and chairs, as an example, saw many a dinner party. And yet~  we were thrilled to be able to pass it on to a young couple just beginning their married life in a new house. The fact that she also purchased our coffee table and end table? Score!


The Amazon deliveries continue; generally producing such excitement as mounts for sand ladders. I say that in jest, not terribly excited at the item itself but over the moon in terms of what such items mean to the direction our life is going. We have received the Mexican camping “bible” from Mike & Terri Church, the camper racks, the jerry cans, the propane mount, even the LED dog collars for nighttime wanders.


We have finished our last summer in Oregon for at least a couple of years, a hot, dry summer with record temperatures and a dangerous fire season.


We have experienced our last camping trip in the known future with Ron and Dario. Although there is another planned with Dave and Anne and Ken and Wendy, Ron and Dario have hung up their camping hats for the year and our next adventure together will hopefully involve Mexican beaches and too many margaritas.


We hosted what will be one of our last dinner parties. It was a fantastic evening, surrounded by good food and friends and a lot of wine, the type of night that will remain lovingly in our memories for years to come.


We saw our nephews last football game for awhile. We will continue to be there in spirit, grateful for youtube and the ease of digitally keeping in touch, absolutely different than last time we were away.


And so the final prep is upon us. We eagerly keep up with those who are also just beginning their drive South, knowing these folks will be part of our support group once we are on the road. The path to freedom is nearly upon us!

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16 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End

  1. Exciting! It sounds like everything is coming together and the Mexican camping ‘bible’ sounds like an essential piece of kit 🙂 Hope the final preparations go smoothly.

    • Thanks Amy.. I think it’s all coming together nicely… we’re both restless but the countdown is officially on.

  2. So exciting, you’re nearly on the road! I am looking forward to following your adventure. I love a good road trip, it’s my favorite mode of travel followed closely by train travel, but I don’t think I have it in me to head south across the border, so I look forward to seeing it vicariously through your camera lens and your words. Safe travels!

    • Can’t wait to have you follow along vicariously, Patti! Maybe it will inspire you and Albi to venture south at some point and, I agree, a great road trip is a wonderful thing.

    • Thanks Josh! Any idea when you’ll be heading south? We should be around Portland until mid December or so.. get in touch if you’re coming through before then and otherwise I guess we’ll just have to meet up in Mexico!

  3. Somehow reading your posts makes me feel excited about leaving, even though we already have—must be your writing 🙂 The last few months before leaving was for us a confusing mixture of some of the best and some of the worst moments of the whole three year build up to departure day. I both remember it fondly and never want to have to do it again! Good luck on the final countdown. Although you probably now have that song in your head…

    • omg Emma.. how could you?? Now I DO have that song in my head! Lucky for us, we have done it before so I feel like we’ve got a good take on it. lol, now that I’ve said that I’m surely doomed and will lose an important check list:)

  4. Very excited (and exhausted) for you!!! The adventure has already begun and it is a pleasure to watch your journey evolve. You are so right (from your last post) – the only time we have is NOW, complete with planning, chaos, fear and excitement. Embrace it all. Love you guys xxx

    • Thanks Sarah! Excited and exhausted just about sums it up:) We do hope to be seeing your smiling face again one of these days on the beaches of Mexico so don’t leave quite yet! Love to you both. XOXO

  5. (Finally able to catch up on blogs…) It’s soooooo close now! The last dinner party is always kind of weird, eh? Looking forward to living vicariously through you while we toil away on a farm next year. 🙂

    • haha.. you can’t fool me.. I think you’ll also love toiling away on a farm 🙂 But, happy to have you follow along as well.

    • Thanks George ~ we’re so close and yet right now it feels so far! But, I know the next couple of months will fly by. We can not wait for camping Baja!!!

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