Caught in Creativeless-ness

DSCN1609_1168Don’t say it, I am aware creativeless-ness is not a word. However, it somehow adequately describes my current state of being. This last push towards hitting the road has become challenging, to say the least. I know I should be sharing with our faithful readers the continuing improvements to the truck and camper, to amuse with tales of yet another crazy craigslist shopper as we disperse of our material possessions, to let you in on a little slice of life in disarray.

And yet, I feel blank. I blame it partially on the weather. Although I love early fall, once daylight savings changes our clocks, I have always immediately been drawn to hibernation as opposed to insightful creativity. We now walk the dogs with headlamps twice per day, not just once, and feel exhausted and lethargic by 8pm.

I wait for Jim for our commute home in darkness, already plotting the days until winter solstice when the days will, once again, start to lengthen.

And yet, I know it is more than just that. More than anything, what we are both looking forward to when we transition to life on the road is to once again feel truly alive. To escape the mundane of our current 9-5 existence, where five days a week tend to all blend into each-other. To throw away the much-maligned alarm clock, and allow our bodies to go back to their natural rhythm of sleep and wake. To be so invigorated with a project that we lose ourselves in the process.


This process is never simple, we know that all too well. For now, we take a deep breath, look at the checklist of things to do, and get to work. Soon, SOON, we will no longer be slaves to the clock. Soon we will once again be chasing a dream!

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11 thoughts on “Caught in Creativeless-ness

  1. There’s definitely something about the time change that makes me lethargic too. It must be frustrating for you, having this drag on. Hang in there, enjoy the last of the Oregon craft brews, and PLEASE DO post crazy craigslist shopper stories! Those are always fun.

    • haha.. well, just had yet another experience with one today so maybe I’ll dedicate an entire post to craigslist! Thanks Jen and good point on the craft brews 🙂

  2. I so understand the feeling of waiting… waiting… waiting. I try (sometimes in vain) to keep moving forward by reminding myself that everything happens when it is supposed to – and then once I get there the reasons become clear. That is a beautiful reflection sunrise photo!

    • Thanks for the understanding advice Patti! Yes, I know it will all come in it’s own time, but I’m still working on the patience part 🙂 And thank you on the photo!

  3. I certainly know the feeling. It took a while for our expat position settled, paperwork signed, visas approved. I couldn’t wait to abandon my job in the pursuit of something new. Like they say, good things come to those who wait.
    Also, definitely share more Craigslist interactions. I have met some weird people selling our things too. Makes for good stories!

  4. Yes, it’s so hard to be patient when you’re desperate to break free but hang on in there, it’ll be worth it. I too am interested in the crazy Craigslist shopper stories – please share 🙂

    • Thanks Amy. The last couple of weeks have seen a turn around and we’re now hard core moving in the right direction. lol, which does NOT mean I’m not still impatient to get on the road already 🙂

  5. Warning. Life on the road comes with an alarm clock. Usually takes the form of the intense heat of the sun. The howling of the wind. The crowing of a deranged rooster. The wild Mexican karaoke party unfolding next door. Probably fireworks. Some of these may not wake you up at the expected hour. 😉 Wouldn’t trade any for the old alarm clock though!

    • haha…Those damn deranged roosters! I know. I am good, a morning person for sure.. but 5am in the dark and rain I can do without and will not miss!

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