The Characters we Meet

One of our very favorite parts of travel is the characters we meet along the way; all interesting, all with their own story.


Only a couple of weeks into our road trip and our days and memories are already full of enough fascinating folks to write a book about.

In San Felipe, a random comment on Facebook led us two camps down to finally meet the families that make up Mali Mish and Wanderly’s. These friends have been on the road for seven or eight years and come with a full contingent of kids amongst them. Mali Mish even travels with their cat! We enjoyed an afternoon sharing stories and hearing of where they think they may land next.

Standing on a street corner outside the OXXO store, we were approached by Karen, a solo traveler from Montana. Traveling with her dog, she had neglected to get her tourist visa at the border and was questioning if she needed to drive back and get it. An interesting character who lives in her car, we somehow knew we would see her again.

And so, we were not surprised when a few days later we were checking out the beach palapas at Camp Archelon in Bahia de los Angeles and I heard “Rhonda, there you are” and there was Karen.


Now, over a week later, I write this from Los Coyotes on Bahia Concepcion. Today on our walk down the beach we came upon, that’s right, Karen, right here on our little stretch of beach. Sometimes travel is a small, small world.

Sitting around camp at Kadekaman Park in Vizcaino, we enjoyed long conversations with Don and Donna. From Alaska, they have long lived out of their car, towing their kayaks behind. Former outdoor survivalist instructors, they now spend their time hiking and kayaking the world and, no surprise, had met Karen at both Camp Archelon and on the Lagoon outside of Guerrero Negro.

Carlisle and Jessica are Portlanders, on the road in Baja for a few months before they take in the National Parks of the US. A spirited young couple, they travel with their motorcycles and were leaving Bahia de los Angeles to take some challenging roads to remote beaches before heading south. We questioned where we might see them again and as we drove into Mulege there they were, strolling down the street before heading to a camp along Bahia Concepcion. They’re not here at Los Coyotes so we aren’t sure where they landed, but somehow think we’ll run into them again down the road.

In Bahia Asunción we met Eric and Mary and their dog Squidgy. They were regulars in Baja for years now and offered lots of excellent advice, both on places to go and some fixes for the camper when we reach Arizona in April. They headed off for the day, promising spaghetti dinner if we wanted to stay around another night but we were headed back to the East side of the peninsula so went on our way. They had been south and were heading back north so I don’t know if we’ll see them again but we shared our sticker and website and hope they’ll keep in touch.


We have now spent two, non-consecutive, nights at Kadedaman Hotel and RV park in Vizcaino. Both times we were greeted by friendly Fabiola, whose family owns and runs the hotel and camp. I love this place. Eclectic, charming, the unique hotel could be as at home in Oregon as here in Baja. On our second stop Fabiola asked if we wanted to be interviewed and photographed for her Facebook page, (loosely translated) “The travelers who visit my house”. Of course we did! We spent an enjoyable couple of hours with her and one of her daughters, talking travel and differences in culture. Most likely, we will see them again on our way North.

Now, on a beach close to paradise, we are parked next to Pedro, Janet, and their dog Santo.  Long time visitors to Baja, they are “those folks” the big RV crowd with enormous rigs and all the gear to go with it. Lovely people, he is German, she is Dutch, and they’re now Canadian but listen to what sounds like Irish music at night. Go figure.

Other colorful characters here include Wayne, also known as Santa, and his two lovely dogs, Bandit and Ella. He entertains all each evening by riding his decorated bike up and down the beach.


And next to Wayne are two couples, friends from Canada; Reto and Britt and Clay and Linda. All lovely, active people, we have enjoyed many a conversation around camp with them and we ladies all hit the yoga mats every couple of days. New to the group just as we were leaving were Tracy, Francie and their chocolate lab, Choca. Well traveled and interesting, we were reluctant to part ways with them all and hope to see them again along the way.

We are relishing all of these acquaintances; from the slightly crazy to the super interesting to those we have very little in common with on the surface. For, in spite of how and why and where each of them travel, we are all of a common spirit; that spirit of adventure that sends us down the roads perhaps not yet explored~ in spite of the inconveniences or perceived dangers or naysayers. In their own way, every single one of these people represent a little bit of who we are.

We wish happy travels to all of them and may we see you again…. Somewhere down the road.


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2 thoughts on “The Characters we Meet

  1. We found that we ran into the same lovely people over and over again. And you’re right, kindred spirits who love adventure. In our blog, you’ll read about us meeting a young fellow bicycling from Alaska down the Baja. He’s British. We would pass him along the highway every couple of days. He pulled into our camp at Santispac and we got to know him, fed him dinner and made a lunch for him to take on his bicycle the next day. We’ve heard from him since and he has had some interesting adventures since we met him.

    • Thats great! And yes, we keep running into many of the same folks in addition to meeting some people here in Loreto who met a family last year that we know online. A wonderful traveling community.

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