Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places

I am now fully certain I am not a desert person. Although I can appreciate the stark beauty and dramatic contrast, a more lush foliage speaks to me and is where i feel at home. Driving down these many miles of dusty roads, with only cactus for company, I have begun to long for the tropical heat of the mainland. Imagine, in the middle of all of this desert the thought of finding beauty in unexpected places.


Vizcaino, Baja is not on anyone’s radar. In fact, this small town is barely on the map except as the turn off point to head West to Bahia Ascuncion or continue Southeast to San Ignacio and points South. And yet, we have now spent two, non-consecutive nights in this town and expect to stay there again on our way North.



Why, might you ask? What on earth could provoke not one but two nights? The only answer can be fabulous Fabiola and her family’s Kadekaman Hotel and RV Park.


We had planned to stay in Guerrero Negro, as most do, to break up the long, dry route from North to South Baja. Uninspired by the feel of town, we pulled up our Ioverlander app and saw several great reviews for the Kadekaman, only 25 miles south.



Imagine our surprise to not only find what is possibly one of the cutest boutique hotels in Mexico, but also RV bathrooms that are the best in Baja. Yes, yes, I know others have claimed they have seen the best bathrooms on the peninsula. Well, I dare them to compare after they have been to Kadekaman!!


One wing of the hotel was originally the home of Fabiola’s family. Her parents slowly added on the hotel, adding additional segments as business improved. Everywhere you look you are reminded more of an upscale boutique hotel in Portland, than what you would imagine you would find in the middle of nowhere Baja. Murals, decorative foliage, rounded design elements and lots of color.



In addition, Fabiola is an excellent hostess, always ready for a chat or to answer questions. With an excellent onsite restaurant and orange groves backing the property, the RV park is a small part of the overall plan. While currently quite small, it is in the process of being upgraded and moved to the alternate side of the property; near those bathrooms.



Oh, those bathrooms! Recently finished, we can honestly say we have only seen such lovely facilities at campgrounds in the safari parks of Southern Africa. Done up in tile and marble with huge showers featuring both hot water and excellent water flow rate, the bathrooms have full length mirrors, ample space to set down your things, and even provide shower soap. The toilets themselves are sparkling clean and have toilet paper provided. This may seem an odd statement for those of you not living on the road but be assured, toilet paper is a big deal.



We will be back in a month or so, eager, again, to spent time chatting with Fabiola and admiring her family’s work. For to find such beauty in unexpected places is enough of a reason.

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