The Ties that Bind

We miss our people, our tribe. Especially now, during in what is low season in central Mexico (although why that is I am baffled), among empty campgrounds, we are missing those we love. With no new overlanders to connect with, our thoughts turn, even more, to friends back home.


Along with Jim’s parents, Jeanne, and Ed & Kate, during our time in Puerto Vallarta, we were blessed to have had Dave and Anne come and visit.  Since they also popped down to San Diego during our repairs there, they now officially hold the title for friends we’ve seen the most these last eight months.


It is certainly not a new friendship. On the same day, back in September of 1997, Dave and I started at Grand European Tours. These last 19 years (wow… NINETEEN!) have brought endless memories of parties and dinners and camping. Memories of losses, of celebrations, of joy.


Our time in PV was…. HOT. We were fortunate enough that their arrival actually brought some relief to the humidity, but we were still a bit of a slow moving group. Luckily for us, one of our very favorite activities is eating and great food was in abundance.

DSC00785 DSC00783

Daily walks on the beach. Cocktails at sunset. Swims at the rooftop pool. Intensely contested games of Phase 10 and Mexican Train. Aspen, exhausted with more company, spent her afternoons carrying around Hedgehog to nap with.

DSC00786 DSCN5230

One of the true joys of longtime friendships is that distance does not remove the ties that drew us all together in the first place.


We had heard of a make-your-own bloody mary bar at Casa Karma. Now, we KNEW we had to take them for this experience. Dave and I are bloody mary fiends from way back and a make-your-own bar… we were in! Casa Karma is set on a gorgeous hillside south of town, the scenery making the adventure all the better.

DSCN5219 DSCN5220 DSCN5218

Once again, these great friends were our mules, bringing us our backpacking gear (!) that we had shipped home in January after the roofrack debacle, a van, new Chaco’s for me, and freshly roasted coffee beans (Thanks Ken & Wendy!) Lucky for us, they are carry-on travelers.

DSC00775_edited-1 DSC00776_edited-1 DSC00777_edited-1

All too soon, our time was up, and we watched more loved ones head to the airport. Thankfully, these two are as travel crazy as we are so we’re sure we’ll see them again soon! Thanks for the great time guys. Until we meet again.

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8 thoughts on “The Ties that Bind

  1. After dragging my Pinterest feet for way too long, I finally relented. I mean, after all, how many social media accounts can one manage? Apparently, I’m about to find out. I love, love, love, your photo of the colorful glass bottles, so of course I pinned it, along with an adorable photo of the two of you. Keep safe out there!

    • I can’t believe you weren’t already on it! I am too although, as you know it’s all SO time consuming! But, enjoy… fun to find recipes and such at the very least 🙂 Thanks for pinning my pic!

      • I know, right?! But, I already spend SO much time on social media I couldn’t fathom the idea of taking on another account, but it’s time to see what I can make of it. I’m always looking for another creative outlet so this may satisfy the current itch. I also pinned a cute photo of the two of you on my Blogs We Follow board.

        • Well I see you had a busy day getting a lot of pins on to start you off! Good luck on the new venture.

  2. It’s so great to meet up with friends on the road, I know exactly what you mean about those ties; there are some friendships that remain as solid despite distance and time. We are also happy now in Chiang Mai meeting so many like-minded people. Happy ongoing travels 🙂

    • Thanks Amy…. looking forward to settling in Oaxaca for a month or so to get some work done. Enjoy Chiang Mai.

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