An Island for Everyone

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The turquoise waters of the Caribbean lead to islands as diverse as the individuals visiting them. Whether you are looking for nightlife or silence, desert landscape or lush vistas, there is an island just right for you. You can even find coupons to make your travels more economical.

For Ease of Transition

Sometimes the hectic pace of life has worn you down, and you simply want to escape to a place where thinking is not much of a requirement. If this is where you are at, look no farther than the Bahamas. You will be assaulted with over 700 different island options to choose from, all guaranteed to offer up a quick escape from the United States, coupled with stunning beaches, friendly locals, and amazing seafood. Just 50 miles off the Florida coast, you will barely feel as though you started your journey before you find yourself gazing at the tropical fish circling your toes. You’ll be blessed with a comfortable year-round climate and seemingly endless resorts to choose from. Relaxing in the Bahamas is simply easy.

image via Flickr by trishahartmann

For the Brit in All of Us

Most of us love a bit of British culture, long enamored with the United Kingdom’s music, beer, and royal family. How about taking in a bit of Britain with a better climate? The Cayman Islands, a slightly less chaotic version of Southern Florida, gives you all of the charm of the island across the sea, but with the gorgeous water and white sand beaches of the Caribbean. Head to Grand Cayman for the resorts, to Cayman Brac for the fishing, or Little Cayman for exotic wildlife. Better yet, incorporate all three into a magical vacation that will create memories for a lifetime.

image via Flickr by Katie Thebeau

For the Intrepid Explorer — Sort of

Sometimes, a mix of relaxation and adventure is the perfect vacation combination. The Dominican Republic offers just that. While the lovely beaches circling the island offer up enough Caribbean beauty to impress any beach connoisseur, it’s equally stunning in the less-traveled inland. A perfect day may just involve a hike through the lush tropical forest, which is a mere 30-minute drive from Puerto Plata. At Damajagua, hike up one side so you have the chance to jump into one of 27 waterfalls on the other! If that bit of adrenaline isn’t enough, head into Santo Domingo to visit the oldest stone church in the Americas, set in 1514 by Christopher Columbus’ son Diego.

image via Flickr by puroticorico

For Those Wanting to Keep it in the Country

Perhaps you don’t have a passport. Or you do have a passport but are looking to explore more of the territory of the United States and still want something exotic. Look no farther than Puerto Rico. This island territory offers colonial heritage, sprawling resorts, and a thriving Hispanic culture. Kayak the mangrove swamps at La Parquera, zip-line in Mucaro, or simply dance the night away at one of the many casinos. Puerto Rico offers up more than enough options to keep anyone satisfied, all while you’re surrounded by stunning scenery and interesting history.

image via Flickr by dameetch

Whatever type of vacation is on your bucket list, the islands of the Caribbean can deliver!

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