One More Trip Around the Sun

It’s that time again~ one more year on this trip around the sun. In past years, I have had the privilege of celebrating my birthday in some rather astonishing locations, both near and far; Paris, Mexico, Australia, and most often, the stunning beaches of Oregon. I have celebrated on a backpacker budget, and in high-style. I have celebrated with only Jim and the pups in attendance, with my dearest friends and family, and with virtual strangers.


In all of the years of amazing birthday out in the world, I must admit that this year was one of the highlights.

In fact, this birthday could have only been better if the friends and family around the globe wishing me well could have been, magically, transported to this stunning place to share the day with me. As it was, my heart was full, as message after message came through the lines of cyber space.

I would love to say I got to sleep in, but that is certainly not true thanks to that damn rooster next door. But waking to the view from the bed is worth an early morning wake-up call, even if it is EVERY morning.

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Over blood marys and breakfast in bed, I laughed myself silly over what is, perhaps, my very favorite movie ever: Office Space. If you haven’t seen it, you really need to. Even though, or perhaps in spite of the fact that, I no longer need to deal with crappy commutes, ridiculous bosses, and silly office politics, this movie strikes home for every 9-5’er.

While no mudding for me on this day, we did stop by the house where we have put in so many hours these last week. Jorge and the crew were hard at work pouring the floor, one of the final steps before they present the home to Clara, it’s new owner. We start the next house in a week or so, a truly satisfying experience, and one we plan to continue to repeat in our travels.

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Kashmir curry and, almost authentic, chai were in order while checking out my gifts from Jim, purchased from two of the delightful textile coops in the neighboring village of San Juan. These collaborative shops show the true skill and depth of design of the women in the surrounding area, the colors and patterns stunning. It was nearly impossible to buy just a couple of items with the bounty presented before me.

dscn6620 dscn6617 dscn6619

A swim with Aspen, a mid-afternoon nap, and an evening walk into town for dinner and live music with overlander friends rounded out a day of magic. This place is special. I had heard many times tales of the beauty and mystic of this lake. Having acquired, over nearly 30 years of travel, a somewhat jaded “been there, done that” approach, I now must agree.

dscn6624_edited-1 dscn6628

I lead a blessed life. An amazing life. A life that allows me the great privilege of being able to experience it from many places around the globe. A life surrounded by wonderful people, both old friends, and new acquaintances. Who could ask for a better birthday gift?

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6 thoughts on “One More Trip Around the Sun

  1. Happy Birthday and I look forward to reading about each birthday to come as you slowly travel south exploring the Pan American Highway – what a gift to give yourself – the freedom to define your path on your terms. Beautiful!

  2. I, too, am november 5th and yesterday, I wished nothing else but to be in my Ram 3500 beast with the Silver Fox and parked somewhere remote by a waterfall.

    Unfortunately, I am still here putting things to bed before I can embark. You , on the other hand, put it in a perfect perspective…”One more trip around the sun”
    I always remember it as Guy Fawkes day and the sweet begging of a child in a British rural town …” Penny for the Guy, Mister, please !!!

    Happy travels.

    • Thank you. Best wishes on a quick start to following your own dreams and getting that truck and camper on the road! Happy belated birthday.

  3. Happy happy birthday to a dear friend and source of inspiration. I’m so glad this birthday was one of the best 🙂

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