OMG I flushed the toilet paper!

Enter reverse-culture shock, as alive and well as ever. We are familiar, of course, having previously endured it. But it prevails. Even knowing what it will be like. Even having previous experience with this strange idea. Even feeling prepared. It’s here. The feeling of being in a foreign land even though we are “at home”. Thats right, we are back in the land of flushing toilet paper.


Tales of the end of our time in Mexico and Guatemala will be coming shortly. The radio silence of the last month was partially intentional to surprise family and friends, and partially due to exhaustion from driving the length of Baja and most of the US West coast in less than two weeks. Less than 30 days ago we were happily living our lives in serene Los Barriles.

We now find ourselves shuttling between family and friends. Feeling unsettled and out of our depth. Shocked anew at the traffic, the prices, and the insane number of rules and regulations that exist in this orderly society. We miss Mexico.

And yet, we are moving forward, focused on he positivity of this next big adventure. We will regroup. We will settle back into a routine. We will, once again, readjust to the games occurring on a very different playing field.

The road is not over, and the biggest lesson is that while it is essential to roll with the punches, the real dream is of living a life lived on our terms. Here’s to this next big adventure!


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8 thoughts on “OMG I flushed the toilet paper!

  1. I’ve enjoyed every detail of your adventure and I am looking forward to the next
    one. In May I will have 5 years in Punta de Mita, Nayarit 100 feet from the
    Bay of Banderas. My adventure was much different for my little doggie, Remedy and me. For an older gal I’ve enjoyed most every day. Didn’t know
    a soul, found a purpose (wasn’t even looking), been adopted by a large
    Mexican family here in Mita (with extended family in Michoacan), traveled,
    and danced to my hearts delight. This last year I’ve had some rough times
    with my health and I’m now considering moving back to US. After reading how it is an adjustment to return which I have
    experienced also on the few visits I’ve endured I really want to stay here.. Today I’m asking God to
    give me some direction and give me strength to live a good life again here in

    Keep on keeping on. Janette

    • Oh Janette we are pulling for you to be able to work it out to stay in Mexico! I love that area of Mexico and am so glad you have been able to find your own purpose and adopted family. Best wishes for you to keep up the life you love. Tragically, so few ever really experience that joy. Cheers!

  2. Sorry to hear you had to cut your adventure short, at least for now. I have been following your travels from when you first left Oregon.
    My wife and I will be leaving on our own trip from Calgary, first heading to EXPO West in Arizona then heading up the west coast to Alaska before heading south again.

    • Good for you!!! The adventure is not over, simply moving in a different direction for a bit. Enjoy EXPO and everything about the nomadic lifestyle. It changes you in ways you never imagined. Let us know when/ if you come through Portland and we can meet for a drink to hear all about your adventures! Happy Travels

  3. Yes, here’s to the next adventure, I’m sure it’ll be great. Enjoy flushing your paper while you can!

    • lol, indeed. Not a bad thing to flush TP but it is still feeling wrong! Can’t wait to hear about your time in Nepal soon.

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