Mexico Campground List Part Tres

We just can’t seem to leave Mexico! Yes, Lake Atitlan Guatemala was extraordinary. As in we are talking of possibly settling there at some point. However, Mexico drew us back north, not done with us yet!

As we worked our way back to Baja many of our campground choices are those we have already enjoyed but still listed along with a few new additions.

Lagos de Colon~

Stunning. After a long day climbing out of Lake Atitlan we endured a challenging border crossing and arrived at some of the most lovely water we had ever seen. Endless pools in varying shades of blue and amazing 40MX a night price tag made everything okay. Back in our beloved Mexico.


Rancho San Nicholas ~ San Cristobal de las Casas 

Back to San Cris for Christmas. The fireworks lasted all night, but with further updated bathrooms, cool & crisp weather and some familiar faces it made the holiday feel like home. 240MX/night


Tepetepan Villas & RV Park ~ Catemaco

Mixed feelings here. The bathrooms leave much to be desired and even with our truck camper we were charged RV fees even though we didn’t use the services. Apparently the lake is lovely, but rainy weather had us here for one short night in transit. The somewhat cranky ex-pat owner charged us 300MX/night.


El Manglar Restaurant ~ Chachalacas

The El Manglar restaurant has a prime setting right on a gorgeous beach north of Veracruz. For the price of a meal and 200MX you can park overnight in the parking lot and, after the local families head home, have the place to yourself. The bathroom can become repulsively disgusting, but the view is amazing and service friendly.


Trailer Park las Americas ~ Cholula

We never planned to come back. However, as we headed to Teotihuacan we realized it was Wednesday, the day we weren’t allowed in the Mexico city zone. Back to Cholula it was. Another easy night in a park by ourselves at 230 MX.


San Miguel RV Park & Tennis Club ~ San Miguel de Allende

Oh San Miguel, how we love you. New Years eve was spent in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with new friends from around the world. We found we preferred the city during the rainy season, but still had an amazing time at the, ever-orderly, RV park. The weekly rate is pay 6/stay 7 so works out to be a reasonable $11USD/night


Parking lot of Hotel Baruk ~ Zacatecas

A huge hotel overlooking what might be one of our favorite cities in Mexico. A spendy 350mx / night gets you a key to a bathroom and a view over the colorful old town. A steep, but short, walk down to the city and all of her delights.


Balneario San Juan ~ outside Durango

With freezing (literally) temps and high winds, we spent one night huddling beside the wall at this empty water park. The super friendly owner left the bathrooms open for us but, lol, didn’t have the water turned on making for a not fantastic experience. $350/MX/night is ridiculous unless you actually use the hot springs which we didn’t as it was very cold and windy.


Mar Rosa RV ~ Mazatlan

Another stop at Mar Rosa. Still expensive but we love the location and oceanfront setting. A few days to get some work done and figure out our ferry options. We settled for the less expensive 2nd to back row option but is still expensive at 360MX/night but boy that beach is great.


TMC ferry to La Paz

It was all about the trucker/ cargo ferry for us. We had a breeze getting booked and loaded and after a pretty awful dinner had a quiet night until around 3am when the sea started rocking and rolling. Not a great sailor, it was a long 18 hours for me, but in the end just fine. They charged us an extra $60 for being a few inches over 6 meters long so a total of $285 USD for the ferry and dinner but it was nice to be able to spend the night in the camper with Aspen.


Aquamarina RV ~ La Paz

After the rolling ferry crossing we settled in for a couple more days at Aquamarina so Aspen could get her surgery with a vet we know in town. Still an amusing owner and decent facilities all walking distance to the malecon, but still spendy at 300MX/night.


Kurt n Marinas ~ La Ventana

Somehow we did the impossible- we scored a front row spot here on only our second visit. The fates intervened with a longtimer leaving early so we spent 3 weeks enjoying time with family and visiting with new friends all with an oceanfront view. However, very expensive at $23USD/day plus electric and water.


Martin Verdugas ~ Los Barriles

Back to our favorite. Yes, Verdugas is busy and really just a big campground and yet… we love it here. The town itself is fantastic, the beach gorgeous, and the rocking chairs for happy hour unmatched. Add in location and facilities such as a pool overlooking the beach and laundry on site and we just can’t stay away. 220mx/night at the monthly rate. We changed sites after one week for more shade and better wifi.



Riviera RV Park ~ Loreto

And the trek north began. We spent just one night with Yolanda this time through, but facilities and location remain great. 240MX/night


Puerto Escondida ~ Concepcion Bay

This time we passed Coyote beach and headed to Puerto Escondida. The only campsite at Concepcion Bay not seen from the road, Escondida was still busy but hot days called for swimming, hanging in the shade, and admiring the bat rays flying, dolphin pods surfacing, and some big purple rays literally swimming past our feet. A wonderful couple of days. 100MX/night

March 2017_0054

Malarrimo RV Park~ Guerrero Negro

Here we made an error. After three visits to Hotel & RV park Kadakaman in Vizcaino last year, home of THE best bathrooms in all of Mexico, this year we headed one hour further north to Guerrero Negro to shorten the drive the following day. A cement lot behind a hotel with crap showers reminded us why we love Kadakaman so much! We won’t skip them again. 170mx/night

March 2017_0043

Fidels El Pabellon RV ~ Santa Maria

We spent the night alone beachfront at Fidel’s. Rundown facilities and drunk staff coming by to collect our money, but the beach is great and for one night worked out just fine. The beaches along here offer up thousands of intact sand dollars…a special treat. Somehow a long day driving had me not taking a photo. 150mx/night

L.A. Cetto  Winery ~ Valle de Guadalupe

This was a special stop. LA Cetto is the biggest wine producer in Mexico by far and have a gorgeous winery along the wine route. Happy to have overnight campers, the staff is accommodating, the wine average to quite good, and the views stunning. Free to stay but we did do 8 wine tastings each and purchased 6 bottles all for the bargain price of $58USD.

March 2017_0029

And voila. Round three of our time in Mexico. I might say that after three visits and a bit over one year that we’ve seen that, been there. And yet she draws us back still. For endless years we have imagined ourselves someday calling Mexico home. After spending so many magical days further exploring her shores, I can safely say that sounds about right.

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