Introducing Rover Pass

In our new role as campground managers, we’ve come across dozens of new campground search engines. One popular option is Rover Pass. As a newly re-opened campground under new ownership, getting our name-brand out there is all important.

RoverPass is a free online booking site with thousands of listings for RV parks and campgrounds. Think of it as Expedia but for camping. Campers who use RoverPass can quickly and easily find and reserve campsites across the United States without having to place a call.

Instead, they can browse campground listings, each complete with reviews, campsite activities/amenities, pictures, and more. When campers want to book, all they have to do is click a button. RoverPass will immediately check availability and confirm the booking if there are vacancies.

For campground owners, the company offers free tools and services that help them to reach more RVers. Campgrounds without an online presence can get a free website built for them, up and running within days. RoverPass will also take measures to ensure the new website is optimized to rank well on relevant Google searches.


Another important feature is the booking system that owners who use RoverPass have access to. It builds upon whatever the company’s current setup is, from pen and paper to complex management systems, to provide customer support, simple “click-to-book” reservations, and easy payment options. Most competitors charge hundreds of dollars for similar reservation systems.

Lastly, the company offers a Frequent Traveler Club. This membership allows you to book through RoverPass for free as much you’d like over the course of a period of a month, six months, or even a full year. It’s perfect for those planning to travel across the states, from, say, Los Angeles to Jacksonville, and stay at dozens of parks along the way!

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