Changes Afoot

In just a few days we will, once again, hit the road. For as is our life, changes are always afoot. This time around it’s a known entity, trading the ever-changing day-to-day life at camp for a road trip of discovery.

March 2017_0054

Fall symbolizes change and keeping in line with this chaotic and unexpected year we hit the road with two goals in mind. The first, and previously planned, idea is simply making our way slowly to Los Barriles to spend a few months in one of our favorite places in the world.


Sunshine, sand between our toes, and rocking chair happy hours are all on the agenda combined with a good dose of seeing old friends and marketing the hell out of camp.


However, as life as camp managers has evolved, so has the plan as we get back on the road. With bathroom remodels and store inventory foremost in my mind. We’ve remodeled bathrooms before, although never on a commercial scale, and counting inventory as a retail employee is certainly not the same as being responsible for stocking a store.


In our final days here in CDA we’re interviewing workampers for next season, running all over town getting quotes on new camp brochures, talking to sign companies for the renumbering project, and talking to contractors for bathroom quotes. Our life and work are surely never boring!


However, itchy feet are upon us and as the weather turns the itch gets worse. But this time is different. In addition to the nomadic wanderlust that feeds our souls, we are dreaming of tiled walls, bathroom fixtures, and how much we need to stock for the store. And thus, our trip south is going to involve a different sort of approach.

March 2017_0079

Multiple stops will be made at campgrounds, even those we aren’t staying at, to access their bathrooms and stores. Pictures will be taken. Notes made. As the dream of this place continues to emerge this is all important stuff.


But for now, as I sit listening to the rain patter on the roof in preparation for another workamper interview, I am dreaming of floating in the Sea of Cortez as the rays jump around me. SOON.

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8 thoughts on “Changes Afoot

  1. Those look like some pretty nice camp bathrooms already.

    Every time I read your newest posts I can’t help but smile. The universe has opened a door for you and you’ve embraced the changes while you redefine your path. And, you know I’m all about the redefining!

    Well-done you two. Well-done.

    • Patti those bathroom pics are from the best bathrooms in Mexico at Kadakaman on Baja:) I aspire to have those bathrooms! lol Thank you SO MUCH for your support and love over the years. We so appreciate the good vibes, just as we love that you guys realized what you were doing on the east coast wasn’t right at this time for you either. Cheers to all of us for continuing to redefine our lives and life a life on purpose! XXXX

  2. Exciting news! It must feel different setting off this time knowing that you have such great work to return to? Enjoy that dose of sun and sea 🙂

    • Thanks Amy~ Yep, a whole different reality and outlook at this time and it’s all fantastic and exciting… both the leaving for a bit and the coming back. Loving your adventure posts around Europe! XX

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