Two Years In~ What We’ve Learned Along the Way

Two years ago yesterday we drove away from Jim’s parent’s road to drive the Pan American Highway. Two years. Three Countries. Tens of thousands of miles. And yet we find ourselves back in Los Barrile on Baja understanding more than ever that the road of life is rarely certain and even less often a straight line.

One year ago we toasted Christmas with new friends from around the world while sitting by the fire in San Cristobal de las Casas. This year it was spent in a more familiar spot trying my hand at homemade puff pastry for Pork Wellington and just enjoying a down day with my little family. Home truly is where the heart is and while I openly admit to missing being with some of our tribe~ both old friends and family in the PNW as well as our tribe of fellow wanderers, my heart is full as long as the three of us are together.

Over this last year, the universe has led us along a very different path, sometimes somewhat forcibly, then we had never imagined 365 days ago. Many of those PanAm overlanders we have shared our lives with these last couple of years have seen unexpected changes of their own and among the group of us that were here in Baja two years ago (many of whom we met up with again on the shores of Lake Atitlan last fall) some have returned to their home countries. Some have broken up while others are creating new life.

A few of our travel friends made it as far as Lake Atitlan and found a new home and, at least for now, their days on the road are over. Still others are where we expected to be right now~ South America.

Through it all, we have learned that our tribe is large and every growing. For as we relish and cherish those we have known and loved for years, we also gain so much from those we meet along this road of life. Most recently we’ve spent time with Sharon and Roque of Boots and Coffee who are heading down the PanAm. A lovely couple, we can’t wait to follow along on their journey. Evening happy hours spent pouring over maps and discussing routes absolutely fueled our fire for when we do head back down that path ourselves.

The lessons of another trip around the sun continue. We have learned that being on a warm beach for Christmas is actually NOT our first choice and next winter as we circle the United States we are going to put more thought and planning into where we’d like to spend the holiday.

We have learned that, as much as we insisted for a very long time that we didn’t care about having a toilet in the camper, now that we have one we quite love it.

We have learned that practical aspects of Ayurveda is incredibly powerful and that mind, body, soul, and spirit truly do all need to be content to be truly happy and healthy. To that end, we are both embracing yoga more than ever and feel incomplete without a daily session.

We have learned that there will always be critics and that it is necessary to follow your own heart down the right path.

And, most importantly, we have learned that we are still madly in love with this life. The decision to leave a steady 9-5 existence can be difficult. But over and over again we are reminded of how very blessed we are to be living a life less ordinary.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hannukahah, Happy Holidays or whatever else you prefer. We hope each and every one of you enjoy the magic of the season.


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