Hospitals, Happenings And Happy Hour

Life in Los Barriles is moving along as expected. We chose this spot for our winter adventures in part because we were looking to decompress after a lively and evolving 2017. As we have continued to morph into our best lives, we understand that we require our work and play to interact, becoming simply joint elements of a single life lived well.

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.”
― Yvon Chouinard

Our days here take on a simple yet varied routine. Camp business, blogging, and writing are an everyday event but the leisurely paced life ensures time for play and relaxation as well. Aspen’s relentless enthusiasm ensures walking a minimum of four-five miles a day, while near-daily yoga stimulates both our bodies and souls. With friends old and new we share dinners, game nights, happy hour, and laughter.

Once or twice a week a group of us take to the hills, alighting pre-dawn to hike six or seven miles of the numerous mountain bike trails that connect to town and watch the sunrise high above the Sea of Cortez.

My fascination with the Principles of Ayurveda grows ever stronger as I feel, to the deepest center of my core, how essential it is that mind, body, spirit all align in order to truly be healthy. It is never more evident than when being surrounded by active, enthusiastic, social neighbors who embrace life fully every day. Seeing how this group ages in relation to so many of the same age group back in the United States is proof enough of the correlation.

On that note, this was the month for checking-in with our health and visits to the ob-gyn, dermatologist, and dentist were on the ticket. Not exciting, to be sure, but necessary nonetheless, and a very clear example of the vast differences in healthcare services throughout the world.

Those Americans who have never traveled are fond of proclaiming our health care the best in the world. They are simply incorrect. In addition to it being obscenely expensive and inaccessible for many, it is also no less time-consuming than that of countries with socialist systems. Throughout our travels, one or the other of us have seen the doctor or dentist in places as varied as Thailand, Egypt, and yes here in Mexico. Each time the facilities were modern and clean, the Doctors very well trained, and the price? Well, Jim’s emergency dentist visit in Cairo including x-rays, an exam, and a bottle of antibiotics came at a hefty price of $45. His badly twisted ankle in Puerto Vallarta resulted in x-rays, an exam, an anti-inflammatory and pain meds for $85.

This week with my ob-gyn exam including an ultrasound (a preventative measure not even offered in a normal exam in the US), a mammogram, and two dermatology exams at a very modern hospital in San Jose came to $225. For ALL of it. Two dental cleanings by the dentist himself here in Los Barriles (it is not common to have separate dental hygienists here) was $110. We do both have a cavity to contend with and I got, yet another, lecture on flossing but we’re clean and sparkly once again.

With those not so exciting events of the week, it was great fun to head to the VERY fancy schmancy Resort at Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas to have lunch with Jennifer, one of our favorite people. Lucky Jen was there as the yoga instructor for a big-wig weekend retreat and showed us around what is a spectacular newish resort in town. The setting is lovely, the landscaping grand, and hey, who doesn’t like a private tunnel through the hill to get to your hotel. We only had 3 hours together but that sushi lunch overlooking the Pacific Ocean was an special and luxurious treat. See you back in CDA soon enough!

Yesterday we headed to the site of many adventures at La Ventana. This time, not a day of discovery but a day of reconnecting; with friends in La Ventana and the lovely John & Bertie. We last saw them in Oregon on one of the rainiest, stormiest days in recent memory. Baja proved a better climate and we got to experience Christmas in January as they, once again, muled down some goods for us.

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Soon enough dear friends will be arriving and our activities will amp up once again, but for now, we are just enjoying the search for true balance in all aspects of our lives.

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2 thoughts on “Hospitals, Happenings And Happy Hour

  1. I’m so glad Abi and I had the opportunity to travel to Los Barilles on two occasions, although we stayed with friends in El Cardonal. It’s beautiful country where the desert meets the sea and the people are kind. And, when you speak of things such as the sunrises, I know of what you speak, although I’m more inclined to enjoy the sun setting. 🙂

    While in Porto, we had our teeth cleaned – by the dentist – for I think 30 euros each. It was a quick 20 minute clean but thorough and the office was extremely modern. We were so impressed by the dentist that Abi decided to have one of his crowns replaced, which also involved a deeper root canal. The grand total? 750 euros. It would have easily cost $2,000 here in the states. If we didn’t have to pay for the flight over the pond, we’d gladly return to Porto for all of our dental work. We do think of him as our Porto dentist.

    • I know.. such a lovely area! And, it’s very different this time around to be here 3 months and have locals recognize us and have our own little tribe of friends. Good times.

      and yes.. amazing the quality and price of healthcare other places in the world!

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