Leaving Los Barriles and our Traveling Tribe

We crossed the border recently~ a 3-hour soul-crushing grind before arriving back in the good old USA in what was our longest, and yet least invasive border crossing in over two years. Los Barrile’s winter entered the history books. As always, it was incredibly bittersweet.

The next day we went for groceries in El Centro, the small city we were camped near. A  host at camp suggested we try Cardena’s and as I walked into a store filled with Latin food products, Spanish speakers, and mariachi music playing I felt far more “at home” then I had twenty minutes before at Costco. These are my people.

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We readily acknowledge that we have an amazing life. We are fortunate to have “our people”, our tribes, come in a variety of places around the globe. This life doesn’t just appear, we’ve had to work for it, but the end result of experiencing a sense of belonging everywhere we go is well worth it.

We have stayed at Martin Verdugo’s resort in Los Barriles five or six times in the last couple of winters. When we decided on a winter home for three months this season heading back was a no-brainer. And yet, our first month in town wasn’t quite what we hoped. Oh, it was great to see some familiar faces and life in L.B. is… well, easy. There are great restaurants, it’s easy to walk everywhere in town, and there are plenty of distractions in the form of pickleball, movies in the park, yoga, hiking, swimming, and the list goes on.

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But Christmas holiday was a tough one. We weren’t missing family, specifically, but we were missing a sense of belonging. Some new friends we’d made headed to Cabo for a few days where their family was flying in.

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Others had family come to Los Barriles and stay at camp, while others have been such long-term fixtures at Verdugo’s they all had their own sort of holiday. We fit in nowhere.

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We discussed leaving earlier than we’d planned, not to go back to the US, but simply to try out a new spot. We’re so glad we didn’t.

As the New Year was upon us we formed friendships and relationships that are going to last a lifetime. Suddenly we had our crowd; a diverse and interesting group of people we now call part of our Travel Family.

Our days passed just about as well as is possible. We all shared happy hours, hiking trips, yoga classes, dinners out, outdoor movies and game nights. Everyone had their own interests and our hours would go separate ways and then our paths would cross once again. Hours filled with stories from home and on the road, lots of laughter, and a good bit of dancing thrown in.

It was an added benefit that Dave & Anne came to visit as well. Vacation time with them is always the best!

This is dedicated to you all~ Astrid, Rich and your adorable boys Olaf and Finn- we will see you soon either in Portland or when you come to visit (hint, hint) us in Coeur d’Alene. Mike & Kelly, how could our lives not cross again? Baja 2020 here we come! Toni & Reita, you were a highlight of our winter and we laugh at your stories still. Toni~ your 70th in Baja is going to be epic.

Jan & Judy we always love spending time and laughter with you. Until next time. Dave, what can we say? Your late night (lol, well Baja late night) Mezcal get-togethers were a favorite. And who knew Kraken and Carolinas was a thing?

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Rhonda & Peter, Val & Lorraine, Steve & Val, Wendy & Tim, Brian & Jessia, Art & Iona, Jack & Michelle, Peter & Brenda… the list goes on and on. All special people who now hold a little piece of our hearts.

We even were lucky enough to hang out with the delightful John & Bertie a few times~ We love you guys:)

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Dan & Lisa are new to our tribe and soon enough we’ll share news about our exciting new partnership with their company Baja Amigos!

We shall see you all again whether it be in Baja, CDA, or somewhere else along the road. Travel well, friends.

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2 thoughts on “Leaving Los Barriles and our Traveling Tribe

  1. “This life doesn’t just appear, we’ve had to work for it, but the end result of experiencing a sense of belonging everywhere we go is well worth it.”

    Yes! And, learning to be flexible and adapt to whatever the universe puts in our path. So happy that you’ve found your way through this chapter.

    • Thanks Patti!!! I’m thrilled to see you guys embracing a new bend in the road as well.. and taking on a remodel! lol. Perhaps next year as we drive around the US we’ll actually meet in person.. oh my!

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