Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginnings End

Those words, from one of my favorite songs, is an apt description of much of our life and wanderings. A season ending in Baja transforms into a season beginning at camp. Now, as the leaves begin a color kaleidoscope transformation all their own, our seasons will soon recycle and renew as well.

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We are back “home” in Los Barriles. A place we never planned on being right now. After one of our toughest years on record, we abandoned all plans to drive around the USA prior to our Baja Amigos caravan in February and instead did what we often do~ We searched for solace in Mexico.

Stories of our departure from camp and subsequent 5000 or so miles cruising the Western US and making our way to Baja are to come. For now, on day two of our time in L.B, I just want to focus on what has brought us joy on this challenging year. Our tribe.

At camp, we had a bevy of visitors as before. We delighted in spending time with Barb & Steve, two great foodie friends (and a former workmate) from Portland who also inspire us with their love of food, travel and the written word.

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Jim’s parents came to visit and we enjoyed spending time with them on their 62nd anniversary!

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This year my little brother and his family showed up for a few days of fun in the sun and time spent on the lake. The passing of their sweet fur baby, Tonka, dampened the ending but it was lovely to have them stop by.

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Sergio briefly stopped by and it was great to meet him in person.

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Lara and her girls came by once again for a trip to Silverwood.

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Dan Wille graced us with his presence, not once, but twice so was our most frequent visitor.Image may contain: 2 people, including Jim Rhonda Delameter, people smiling, outdoor and closeup

And last but not least, Dave & Anne, our most faithful visitors and their boy Max came for Labor Day.

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And, of course, we got to spend the summer with our amazing staff at camp, folks we are blessed to have had come into our lives.

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We arrived here feeling a bit done in by it all. Before we even got to our campsite we were greeted with dozens of hellos, hugs, and a beer from our LB tribe. We had each questioned the sanity in driving 2000 miles roundtrip to turn around and drive the same route with our group in February but in those first few moments, we knew it was a good decision.

We will miss seeing my older brother and friends spread across the US. Our time with them will come…but not this new beginning.

Today we decompress. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month, a new season, a new perspective. Expect some fresh thoughts as I jump back into my writing and feel reinvigorated once again by sharing my passion for the world.

Sending out our love to all of our tribes, near and far. You are what keeps us going and we love you all.

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4 thoughts on “Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginnings End

  1. Lovely post – sometimes it’s all about just finding your tribe and feeling at home, wherever you may be in the world. I hope you’re feeling fully decompressed now and enjoying having more time to write, I am on a very similar path with blogging now too. Happy Holidays x

    • Thanks so much, Amy. I too feel like our current situations are close to each other. Sending you both great vibes across the ocean. Have a wonderful holiday season! XXX

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