Things To Do In Milwaukee

Milwaukee is one of those surprising places, that isn’t as well known or common as a destination for travel, but people who visit tend to go back time and time again. A regular Traveler will find out precisely what they need to know about an area and have the best time. But not all of us know exactly what’s going on in our travel destinations, so we need a little bit of help in that area. There are many things to do in Milwaukee, and it’s important to remember that any destination is what you make of it. You’ll find most places have culture, Culinary delights, Scenery and shopping opportunities. But what does explicitly Milwaukee have on offer?

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There are many things to do such as Holiday events in Milwaukee and Mother’s Day events and even Labor Day weekend celebrations too. There are even events to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in style, and food and drink festival is regularly. Milwaukee has plenty of options available if you’re looking for an event to help you celebrate, Or even add to your break. Ultimately you will need to make sure that you have a timeline, and manage your diary effectively, since you may end up double-booking yourself and missing out on the fantastic events on offer.

Farmers markets

Farmers’ markets tend to be in most towns at some point. Local farmers are taking their goods to the markets in a lively fashion. You will find food benders and farmers alongside each other, having a wonderful time at these markets. No matter what you’re looking for your bound to find it including organic farm and food, and unusual offerings and traditional food. And of course good old carrots at every turn. As with anything you should be able to find details of your nearest farmers market for your journey, and even though you may not be needing ingredients as such, the farmers market is a beautiful experience to see the local people and how they shop in a different town to your own.


Milwaukee is a town with very many sculptures, buildings, museums, and of course homes and businesses. But the outdoor spaces available in Milwaukee can’t be ignored. If you’re a keen golfer, then you will be in heaven in Milwaukee. We have Greenfield Park golf course, Brookfield Hills and Hanson Park golf course, to name a few. Doing the research on each golf course and working out which greens may be the best for your game, is a wonderful way to relax. If visiting the park is more your thing, then Washington Park or Dineen park maybe 2 to add to your list. Don’t forget the lake of course, as you will find McKinley Park and McKinley beach next to veterans park right on the coast for you to enjoy as well.

State fair

The state fair in Milwaukee is an exciting affair, and the trek and traffic you may need to navigate are definitely worth the effort. People come from miles around to visit the fair, and whether you’re going during the day with your family or possibly even on a date during the time the fair is open, you’re bound to have an amazing time. 

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