Simple Hacks For Digital Nomad Life’

If you want to travel, but still be able to afford your travel by working as you go, then digital nomad like sounds like it could work for you. It is all about being able to travel around and experience new things, all while working remotely in any location (as long as there is some WiFi)! On average, many digital professionals will tend to stay in one place for a few weeks up to a couple of months, visas depending, before moving onto somewhere new. So a dream of traveling around the world in a year could happen sooner than you think, especially if you are able to pay for things as you go, rather than saving up. As long as you have clients, or have an employer that is fine with you working abroad, then you’ll be able to work as you go. So here are some digital nomad life hacks, to help you make this way of living and working, work for you. 

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Pack Light

For any kind of travel, packing light is a really good idea, but for a digital nomad, it is going to be an even better idea, as you’ll be moving around so often. Being able to have a minimalist lifestyle will be a good thing, and it can help you to save the money that you’re earning, as you’ll only see the need to spend it on essentials. 

Use a VPN to Book Cheaper Flights

If you want to get good prices for the trips that you will be taking, whether internationally or not, then you need to make sure that you aren’t using sites that are going to keep hiking up the price, each time that you do a new search. Clearing the website cookies is something that tends to work, but there are more and more companies that are getting wise to this. So instead, look to use a VPN (virtual private network) to browse the flights, so then your search history or location won’t be relevant. 

Manage Mail

If you are trying to grow your digital nomad business and want to get more clients, being able to be contacted wherever you are in the world is a really good thing. You could look to use a site like Physical Address so that your mail can be managed online, no matter where you are. You will get a PO Box address, or something similar, and then your location doesn’t matter. It can be good if you’ll be leaving rented accommodation at home or selling your home before you travel.


If you are booking accommodation through home rental sites, then don’t just take the first thing that looks good, even if it is available right there and then. It is a good idea to contact the host first, and then ask for a discount, especially if you are going to be a slightly more long-term tenant than others. You never know what you’ll get without asking. The same can be said of shopping when in markets and so on. A lot of countries expect you to haggle, so read up first, and then get haggling to spend less. 


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