Top Things To See And Do In Strasburg

Strasburg is just sixty-five miles west of Philadelphia and boasts a busy city, suburbs, and beautiful green meadows. Not to mention the stunning Pennsylvania farmland in Amish country. Lancaster County provides a slower pace to the typical country life which is clear to see as you drive through the working farms and small rural towns like Strasburg. This is the go-to place for many tourists who wants to experience the railroad attractions and Amish villages.

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If you want to know what things you should be seeing when visiting Strasburg check out the details below: 


Strasburg is the home to two interesting train-themed museums. The well-known Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is located right on the Strasburg Rail Road and makes for a very interesting day trip. With historical exhibits that show and explain all the ins and outs about the workers who are responsible for maintaining, building and running the railroads. It’s a self-guided tour so you’re able to take it at your own speed. You can explore over a hundred locomotives and rail cars. Included amongst these are the ‘Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Collection.’ Plus the nearby National Toy Train Museum has tonnes of models on display right from as early as the 1800s. There are five tracks that you can have a go running the trains around, each with a different layout. Visitors are encouraged to have a go. 

Amish Attractions

One of the main reasons people visit Strasburg is to delve in Amish life. There is a huge Amish population here and if you take a trip to the nearby town of Ronks you can experience the Amish way of life for yourself. There is even several different tours that you can take including a buggy tour and a guided scooter tour where you can explore the back-roads of the Amish farmland. You can stop and purchase homemade goods and take a tour around an Amish farmhouse where you’re able to learn about their culture and way of life. These can make for really interesting day trips, especially if you like to emerge yourself in the life of the local people in a destination. 

Railroad Attractions

Without a doubt, Strasburg’s closest claim to fame is being the home of the Strasburg Rail Road, which was founded in 1832. It’s known that president Lincoln used it on his tour through Pennsylvania in 1861. You can take a trip on the restored trains and learn all about the steam engines, the local Amish country and the impact the railroads have had on the agricultural industry. There’s a wide range of style tours including a “Thomas the Tank Engine” themed children’s trip and adult-only cheese and wine tasting. For another family-friendly activity, you could take a trip to visit the Choo Choo Barn. Here you can see a detailed and handcrafted model and includes an Amish barn-raising, a baseball game, mini zoo, circus and even a fire scene where the fire engine is in action. 

These top things to see and do in Strasburg are enough to get you started, do you have any other activities that should be included? Please share them in the comments below. 


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