Love Bodyboarding? Here Are The Top Destinations

Bodyboarding is a super accessible form of surfing and ideal for people who want to get out on the water and start having fun immediately. What’s more, you can pretty much do it anywhere. Bodyboarding is just as fun off the coast of northern Europe as it is in Bali (although some locations are colder than others. You have been warned). 

Ocean Wave at Blue Hour

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What your bodyboarding experience is like depends considerably on the type of seas in which you do it. In the following list, we’re going to take a look at a variety of locations, all with dramatically different characters. Bodyboarding is fun pretty much anywhere you decide to do it, whether in the shallows of the Great Lakes or high in the Arctic Circle. Here is your top bodyboarding destination in the world in 2019: 

Hoddenvik, Norway

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While bodyboarding in the cold waters off Norway isn’t something that everyone will want to do, it is now possible, thanks to advances in suit technology. So long as you have an insulated dry-suit, you can bodyboard at this attractive Norwegian destination year-round. 

Hoddenvik is a rugged seaside destination. It’s also off the beaten track. You won’t find hundreds of people here, crammed onto the beach. Instead, you get an unspoiled wildness and a great vantage point to enjoy stunning coastal views.

Cornwall, England

The Cornish coast is the first place waves from the Atlantic Ocean reach on their journey to Britain, making it perhaps the best destination in the country to catch some surf. Fistral is one of the hottest bodyboarding spots right now, thanks to the nearby International Surfing Centre. Here you can get all your burning bodyboarding questions answered, such as, what are the Best Bodyboard Fins of 2019? And what kind of wetsuit should you wear? 

Cornwall is famous all over the world among hardcore surfers for being one of the best destinations on the planet for big surf. While it doesn’t quite get the huge waves you sometimes see in the Pacific, you can see some whoppers if there’s a storm raging in the mid-Atlantic. 

Canggu, Bali

Canggu was once just a field of rice paddies with little to nothing going on. Today, though, the locals have redeveloped the entire area, making it one of the most desirable locations for a spot of bodyboarding. 

Just off the coast, there’s a unique reef break. This geological feature makes the waters close to the coast ideal for people new to the sport. The waves are of a consistent size and roll in slowly from the Pacific. It’s a great environment in which to improve your technique rapidly. 

By the coast, there is now a vibrant cafe scene. After a bodyboarding session, you’re free to sit back, chill out and experience some local Bali delicacies. 

Goldcoast, Queensland

The Goldcoast in Queensland is probably the most famous surfing destination in the world, thanks to the combination of excellent weather, surf shops aplenty, and giant waves. All these factors make it great for bodyboarders too. 

The Goldcoast is a seventy-mile stretch along the northeastern coast of Queensland, facing the Pacific Ocean. The waves here roll in from thousands of miles away and, when the conditions are right, can be more than twenty feet high. 

The great thing about the Goldcoast is that it caters to people of all abilities. Snapper Rocks, for instance, is for the most advanced bodyboarders, thanks to both the size of the waves and the rocks that line the coast. Rainbow Bay, by contrast, is more set up for beginner surfers, but still has its fair share of big swells. 

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

If you thought that Fistral was the beating heart of surfing in the UK, you’d be wrong. While it is home to the international surfing center, it probably isn’t the most popular destination. That accolade goes to Sennen Cove, one of the most stunning beaches in the UK. 

Bodyboarders love Sennen Cove. It offers pretty much everything, from coaches to help you improve your technique to a picture-perfect white sand beach. There are even nearby restaurants where you can load up on calories the night before your next adventure. 

Waikiki, Hawaii

While California holds the title as the American capital of surfing, Hawaii is probably better positioned and also the original home of the sport.

Waikiki beach near Honolulu is perhaps the preeminent surfing spot on the island. It’s location, and the seaside attractions make it popular among surfers coming from all over the world. While it looks like a tourist trap (and it is), it also offers the best swell you’ll find anywhere on the island chain. 

Lagos, Portugal

Photography of Mountain Cliff Beside Seashore

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Portugal is uniquely positioned to benefit from the surf rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean, and nowhere more so than Lagos, a beautiful location in the south of the Algarve region. Lagos and the surrounding area offer bodyboarding surf for people of all experiences. If you’re a beginner, then head to Meia Praia. Here you’ll find beginner waves for practicing if you’re starting out in the sport. If you head twenty minutes up the coast, you’ll come across Zavial, a hideout for more experienced surfers. 

El Paredon, Guatemala

El Paradon wasn’t on anybody’s radar ten years ago, but more recently, it’s been gaining in appeal, and now you’ll often find surfers and bodyboarders here. The main attraction is the consistency of the surf. Thanks to its unique geography, El Paradon is uniquely suited for people who want a consistent experience of the water. 

The entire area is set up for visitors too. There are plenty of dorm beds and hotels, places where you can get lessons, and a surf house for storing all your equipment at night. You’ll also encounter some exciting wildlife if you visit this location, including giant turtles. 

Hossegor, France

If you like warm seas, then Hossegor in France in the summer has everything you need. This French coastal beauty spot offers world-class waves along with delicious French cuisine at the numerous cafes that line the coast. It’s a must-visit. 


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