Aspen Update ~ Coping with an Aging Furbaby

Aging. It is inevitable and challenging in any form. Many of you are aware that Aspen is on the decline. While she is still mostly smiling and enjoying her day’s life has most decidedly slowed down. Way down. Daily doses of Dasuquin with MSM and Rimadyl coupled with twice-monthly Adequan injections are keeping our baby girl as comfortable as possible.

Visitors to camp are constantly surprised by her age. Her face is still puppy-like and engaged…and then they see her stiff, arthritic gate.

For the moment we focus on the now. We appreciate each and every smile. Each kiss. Many mornings she wakes up early and noses me asking to be helped on the bed to cuddle.

We appreciate each walk on the beach and each game of rollerball, an old dog’s answer to fetch when the days of fetch are long gone.

As we move into a new year and a new decade the tears are close but our hearts are full enjoying each and every moment. .Aspen’s spirit is still strong and this short photo monologue perfectly shows off her gorgeous looks and sweet personality.

2020 is sure to bring change. But for now, we spend our days spoiling and catering to our sweet perfect princess.

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