Our 5 Favorite Fish Dishes on Oregon’s Adventure Coast

One of the prime benefits of being back on the stunning coastline of Oregon is the abundance of fresh seafood. Over the last couple of winters in Baja we’ve been spoiled with fresh fish but of the warm-weather variety. Back here in often blustery Oregon we are once again indulging in such delicacies as fresh crab and oysters along with several types of clams, tuna, and Pacific salmon.

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Three Great Stops on a French Roadtrip

As we settle back into camp life I’d like to share this guest post on three wonderful places for a stop while on a road trip through France~

The rich history and good roads of Europe have seen the popularity of the continental road-trip grow and grow in recent years. And few countries can match France for its incredible range of regions – encompassing pretty seaside towns, rustic landscapes, cosmopolitan centres, Mediterranean beaches, and grand ski slopes. Here we gather a few destinations from within this wide canvas which offer particularly unique experiences. 

But one thing to note before you get going is that by law, each car in France is required to carry a warning triangle for unscheduled stops. This is not optional.

gray vehicle parked beside building

  1. Mont St-Michel

It’s very possible you’ve seen photos of this breathtaking structure without knowing much about it. A tiny tidal island town which builds from waterside fortifications all the way up to the spires of a monastery, it could easily be a location for a fantasy film (indeed, it was one of the inspirations for Minas Tirith in The Lord of the Rings films). 

Locals will tell you how the organization of the island reflects the time it was built – simple cottages at the bottom, great halls (for grander citizens) halfway up the hill and the magnificent abbey dedicated to God on top of it all. It was no surprise when the island and the bay it sits in were made a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tours are available in ten languages, and visitors can also witness a mass in one of the world’s most evocative settings.

person standing on dock

  1. Marais Poitevin

Less well-known internationally, this unique region is a marshland which has become fondly known as ‘Green Venice’ for its leafy waterways.

Visitors are encouraged to hire a boat to explore the canals, which weave through a heavily-wooded landscape – although those looking to fully relax can instead opt for a boat complete with a guide who’ll steer you on your way. With an abundance of rich agricultural land abutting the wet marsh, you’ll drift by fields full of curious geese, sheep, cows, and horses.

And the rural calm continues into quaint villages built on the banks – Coulon and Arcais offer picturesque places to stop and stretch your legs. Meanwhile, the nearby bird sanctuary of Saint-Denis-du-Payre has an observatory – complete with embedded telescopes – which allows a close-up view of the many wading species that call the marshes home.

body of water surrounded with green trees

  1. Vezere Valley

This sleepy corner of the country – sheltered by limestone cliffs – has gradually emerged as one of France’s great attractions for one reason – it boasts the greatest concentration of prehistoric cave art in Europe. 

Mostly dating from the fabled Stone Age (from 15,000 to 10,000 years ago) these stunningly well-preserved caves represent a treasury of ancient culture – before writing, there was painting. The complex’s most popular attraction is a unique mixture of the old and the new – Lascaux IV is an exact reproduction of the main cave, made possible by laser measurement and 3D printing. There are nearly 600 separate paintings to see, with additional information about each available on a tour tablet.

Alongside the cliffs and caves is a boldly modern building – the Musée National de Préhistoire – which brings together many prehistoric artefacts found all over the country. These artefacts gathered together in such an evocative setting provides perhaps the most immersive and informative Stone Age attraction anywhere in the world.

man standing on rock

Packing Essentials For Your Next All-Inclusive Vacation

Everyones travel plans are in full swing by the time the cooler weather approaches. The only difference is that people tend to book a different style of vacation. Rather than backpacking or camping people tend to hunt down the perfect all-inclusive vacation where they can soak up the sun and relax. All-inclusive is one of the most popular choices, and with all your food, drinks, accommodation, and even your entertainment and activities often included in the price it makes them the perfect stress-free vacation. 

Two Folding Chairs on White Sand Seashore

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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The Best Cities To Visit In The States

The United States is a beautiful country with so much to offer. If you’re going to take a trip around America, of course, then you will probably want to narrow down your options. There are plenty of states that you could see, but each one is massive. So, how do you choose which places to explore? Well, if you’re looking for a unique and exhilarating experience of America, then these are the best cities to visit in the States.

High-rise Buildings during Nighttime

Picture Source

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What You Should Know if you Are Moving Out of State

Moving home can be a huge upheaval for anyone however, moving out of state can add to the mental and physical workload associated with a house move. That shouldn’t put you off considering a house move out of state, but it would be wise to do your homework and know exactly what you need to do before the time comes.

Woman In Grey Shirt Holding Brown Cardboard Box

Image Credit: Pexels CC0 License

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Planning Your First Trip To Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of those incredible sights that everybody should see at least once in their lives. We’re all familiar with it and you’ve probably seen it on TV plenty of times, but that doesn’t do it justice at all. When you see it up close, it’s a totally different experience and it’s definitely worth taking the trip. If you’ve never been, you should plan a trip of your own. But if you want to get the best experience, you need to make sure that you plan it properly. Here are a few tips to help you plan your first trip to Niagara Falls. 

Waterfalls Near Gray Paved Road Surrounded by Green Leaf Trees during Daytime

Image From Pexels CCO License

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Long Trip Ahead? Make Travel Less Tedious!

Travel is exciting and fulfilling- there’s nothing quite like going to a completely different place in the world and experiencing entirely new surroundings. From breathtaking scenery to interesting new foods, meeting people who are completely different to you and learning more about yourself- it’s always a good use of time and money. The only trouble is, the actual travel part can be pretty tedious. Getting from A to B, whether it’s by plane, rail, coach or car can take a lot of time and be tiring and boring. To help combat this, it can be useful to have things you know you can do that will keep you occupied and allow the time to pass more quickly. Here are some ideas!

White Airliner Wing on Top of Sea Clouds


Catch up on some work

It might not be the most fun way to spend your time, however, it can be a great way to tie up any loose ends before your vacation or even earn a bit of extra money. If you’re sitting on a train or plane, for example, you could easily get on with a bit of report writing even without access to the internet. If you have an internet connection on the transport you’re on, you could catch up on emails or do other jobs here and there. Better than sitting around twiddling your thumbs!

Create content

If you’re a content creator then this could actually be a great time to make something new- being in different surroundings can be really inspiring. You could work on your novel or write a poem, you could write an entry for your blog or vlog parts of your journey. If you have music software on your laptop you could create some new tracks, as long as you’ve got your headphones in you won’t bother anyone. If you’re a content creator and travel often then this really is the time that you can utilize. Invest in a good quality laptop, Macs are powerful although you might need to relearn some of the basics as they can be a bit different. Look at how to screen capture on Mac and how to left-click on Mac as examples. 

Consume content

Finally, a few hours sat in your seat is the perfect time to consume content. You could read a book, watch a movie or catch up on a series you’ve been meaning to watch. You could play games, listen to music- whatever it is you like to do. In most cases, you can do all of this right from your smartphone. Be sure to download content to your device in case your internet connection isn’t always the best. 

Traveling from A to B can be boring, but keep yourself occupied and the tedious part will pass quickly. You’ll be at your destination having fun before you know it!


Our Five Favorite State Parks in Oregon

Dawn was just breaking in the sky as I stirred awake. Aspen and Jim continued to snore softly as I contemplated the beginning of a new day. This morning musing brought the realization that for the first time in over one year I felt totally and completely relaxed and at peace.

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Winter Blues? Here Are Some Things You Can Do To Beat Them

We all get excited for Fall and Winter – the lure of the infamous pumpkin spice latte and the thought of curling up in front of a roaring log fire all sounds very romantic, but in reality, we are often faced with soggy grey days that feel anything but, and long nights that seem to go on forever. There is little wonder that many of us end up with the ‘winter blues’, and can’t wait for Spring to appear so we can get back to doing the things we love. If you feel a bit ‘meh’ when the nights draw in and the temperatures plummet, here are some things you can do to keep your spirits up.


Pexels – CC0 License

Plan your dream vacation

Ok, so in an ideal world, you would be actually on your dream vacation, but that doesn’t often happen. Instead, while away the days planning your dream holiday. Mooch on Pinterest or even make a wanderlust scrapbook, filled with pictures of things you want to see and do. You never know – next Winter you may have the chance to experience it for real!

Attend a concert or a show

Music and theatre can do wonders for the soul. They can make you laugh, cry, and feel all the emotions in between. Shows can be expensive, but if you plan ahead and check out what is on Broadway Shows NYC, you may find some great deals to help put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Sign up for a class

Use the dark, cold days wisely and allow your mind to bloom. There are plenty of classes for all sorts of interests and skill levels. Whether it is to improve your existing cooking skills or learn a whole new language for that dream vacation that you have planned, make sure you sign up for something. You may also make some new friends with similar interests, which can be great for getting you through Winter.

Check out local museums and galleries

It has probably been a long time since you last visited your local museum or art gallery, and the chances are, a lot has changed! Go online to see if there are any new exhibitions or collections that catch your eye and go and see them. If nothing else, most museums and galleries have superb cafes and restaurants to grab a bit to eat at.

Visit a new restaurant

Talking of places to eat, a dark winters evening is the perfect chance to get dressed up the nines and visit that restaurant you have always wanted to go to. Make a proper weekend of it – maybe go and see a show first, and head to a swanky hotel for the night! It is amazing what good food and being waited on for a night can do for your spirits.

What are your favorite things to do to beat the winter blues?

Visitors in Abundance

Camp life continues to roll along and we are shocked to realize it is already nearly mid-September. Along with hundreds of guests, we have been fortunate enough to have plenty of our own visitors in the form of family and dear friends. It’s no secret that in large part our decision to return to Oregon to work was the opportunity to be able to spend more time with our tribe and believe me, our hearts are full!

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