How To Plan The Next Camping Trip The Right Way

Are you thinking about going camping? This can be a great option, particularly, if you are looking to spend some quality time with the family. It’s also going to be your chance to get back in touch with nature and fully appreciate the outdoors. However, there are some steps that you should take to make sure that you are preparing for a camping trip the right way. Here are some tips that we certainly recommend. 

Photo of Pitched Dome Tents Overlooking Mountain Ranges

Pexels CCO License Source

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A Tale of Two Camp Chairs ~ Camp Gear Review

Longterm camping is hard on gear. We knew this going in but are honestly thrilled to report that the majority of our gear has been holding strong. Not so the case with our camp chairs.


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The Appeal of the Old

San Ignacio, that lovely oasis of date palms. A wonderful respite from the surrounding desert landscape. It is easy to find you have lost several hours in the streets of San Ignacio. We wandered the grounds of the town plaza and Mision, once again extremely appreciative of the appeal of the “old”.


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The Reason We Went ~

While a big birthday was the impetus for planning the trip, Mexico’s Copper Canyon was the draw. While we were very pleasantly surprised to fall in love with Alamos and El Fuerte on the way, the Canyon was the planned highlight.

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Enticing Mui Ne

We pulled into town on the afternoon bus from Saigon. Heat waves shimmered off the pavement, and the smell of pungent fish sauce assaulted our sinuses. Saigon, our entry point into Vietnam, had been sheer chaos. Amazing, intriguing, delicious and dripping in history to be sure, but absolute chaos. After risking our life and limb on a daily basis exploring the city, we were more than ready for a different type of traffic jam. Enter Mui Ne.

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The Scenic Route ~ Highway 395 Southward bound

On our road trip to Overland Expo in May, we were fortunate enough (smart enough?) to take the road less traveled, i.e, scenic Hwy 395. This, mostly two lane, highway runs from the Canadian Border in Washington, through Oregon, and as far south in California as Kramer Junction, even dipping briefly into Nevada at Reno. Having never driven through the Sierra Nevada’s previously, we were game for scenic wonder, little traffic, and some new sites along the way. We couldn’t have chosen a better route.


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UP ~ A Love Story

Two young kids, longing for adventure, meet up in an abandoned house, the lone members of the “Spirit of Adventure” club. They grow up, marry, and dream of traveling to Paradise Falls in South America. But, reality intervenes, and each time their savings jar is filling, a problem occurs, a broken down car, a hospital visit, you know, adult stuff.


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Living Well in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is a place I loved, and yet am unsure if I ever want to return to. A UNESCO World Heritage Site of around 50,000 residents, the town sits at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers. What makes it so appealing may also lead to it’s inevitable downfall, as more and more travelers flock to it’s serene banks. Inexpensive hotels and guest houses abound along with a variety of great restaurants, both international and of local Laotian cuisine. The thriving night market is made up of street after street of astonishing handmade goods, and the daily Alms offering to the monks is a highlight. All of this, combined with great natural beauty, makes Luang Prabang an easy to place to fall in love with.

Laos 201

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