The Appeal of the Old

San Ignacio, that lovely oasis of date palms. A wonderful respite from the surrounding desert landscape. It is easy to find you have lost several hours in the streets of San Ignacio. We wandered the grounds of the town plaza and Mision, once again extremely appreciative of the appeal of the “old”.


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Abu Simbel

OK, first, a disclaimer. In the interest of full disclosure I think I need to get one thing out in the open right away, I don’t like history. Wait, let me rephrase that, I LOVE being in historical places. I love wandering the same the same rock pathways that people have wandered for thousands of years. I love poking around ancient ruins and peering through doorways into past lives. I am endlessly fascinated by walking in the footsteps of history. What I don’t  always love is the facts of history. I’m not exactly sure how it happened. My dad was a history teacher at one point, my older brother still is, and yet start talking to me about the dates and extensive details and I feel myself immediately begin to fade off. I have spent hours and hours tramping about historical places all around the world, enthralled by where I am; just please don’t ask me to remember exactly what year it happened!

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