The Greatest Travel Experiences in the World

If you have an appetite for travel, and adventure then you have probably already added a few of these to your list. But, just in case you’re in the planning stages of your trip, these are some of the most celebrated travel experiences in the world. 

aurora borealis above mountain and body of water

Photo by Angela Compagnone on Unsplash

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Stepping Back in Time

I have never liked history. My dad was a history teacher. My brother is a history teacher. I got through the classes, but never embraced the subject. That all changed the moment I started traveling. Unencumbered by a parents authoritarian lectures and dry professors, I found myself relishing stepping back in time to see a world thousands of years in the past.


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The Appeal of the Old

San Ignacio, that lovely oasis of date palms. A wonderful respite from the surrounding desert landscape. It is easy to find you have lost several hours in the streets of San Ignacio. We wandered the grounds of the town plaza and Mision, once again extremely appreciative of the appeal of the “old”.


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Foto Friday

Banteay Srei, my favorite temple among the huge complex of Angkor Wat. Built in the 10th century and made primarily of red sandstone, the carvings are of a smaller and more elaborate detail than any of the other temples, lending to a belief that it might have been mainly carved by women. Dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, it is absolutely engrossing and we could have spent many more hours exploring the site.

The Killing Fields of Phnom Penh

**** Warning – this post contains some graphic photos and disturbing text. It’s an incredibly important history lesson but be warned, the story isn’t pretty ***

Cambodia, a country that touched my heart for many reasons. Much of our time in the country was spent feeling disturbed but the history and modern reality of this little country in SE Asia is an important lesson to all of us about how power can corrupt with terrifying results. In other posts I’ll cover the good of the country, the gorgeous beaches, friendly people and, of course, the awe-inspiring temples of Angkor Wat but this is about the horror that was the Pol Pot Regime and the destruction it brought to the country over three short years.

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