Aspen Update ~ Coping with an Aging Furbaby

Aging. It is inevitable and challenging in any form. Many of you are aware that Aspen is on the decline. While she is still mostly smiling and enjoying her day’s life has most decidedly slowed down. Way down. Daily doses of Dasuquin with MSM and Rimadyl coupled with twice-monthly Adequan injections are keeping our baby girl as comfortable as possible.

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Hipmunk Hotels of the West~ Finding Adventure in Aspen, Albuquerque and More

This post is in cooperation with the Hipmunk Winter 2016 campaign

Adventure in the outdoors is key to life in the West, and the key to making a memorable vacation. People are often afraid such adventure comes with a high price but with Hipmunk available in the adventure capitals of the West, it is easy to find exactly the locale you are looking at to make a memories to last a lifetime.

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