Our Five Favorite State Parks in Oregon

Dawn was just breaking in the sky as I stirred awake. Aspen and Jim continued to snore softly as I contemplated the beginning of a new day. This morning musing brought the realization that for the first time in over one year I felt totally and completely relaxed and at peace.

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A Leap of Faith

The drive west on Highway 26 appears paved in gold. Lined with thousands of trees displaying a dozen shades of red and gold, the wet road reflects the multi-hued colors, creating the appearance of  a golden pathway leading to weekend bliss. The sun was setting as we pulled into camp, turning the calm bay as golden as the road ahead of us.


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Winter Camping at it’s Best

We are not shy about proclaiming our great love for off-season camping. Nearly empty campgrounds and open beaches bring a smile to our face and joy to our heart. Add in a full moon, mid-50’s temps and no rain (in Oregon in January!) and we were in. For the first time in nearly two years we were joined by Jim’s sister Wendy, her husband and Jim’s best friend, Ken, and their two furbabies, Jenny and Lexi. Ken had recently returned from his second deployment in two years and also included a few of people in his unit, who joined in with their families.



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Cape Lookout in Pictures

We have been busy getting the Black Dog Chronicles up and running in the last week or two, but I wanted to get a brief post off showing a recent weekend at Cape Lookout in pictures. A more detailed post will follow but for now- enjoy the perfection of fall camping in Oregon.



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Finding Simple Abundance at Cape Lookout

We started February off with our first camping trip of 2013. We needed to get away, clear our heads, and remind ourselves of all the things in our life to be grateful for. A forecast of mid-50’s and sunny didn’t hurt, but we were determined to make our escape no matter what.

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