Our 5 Favorite Fish Dishes on Oregon’s Adventure Coast

One of the prime benefits of being back on the stunning coastline of Oregon is the abundance of fresh seafood. Over the last couple of winters in Baja we’ve been spoiled with fresh fish but of the warm-weather variety. Back here in often blustery Oregon we are once again indulging in such delicacies as fresh crab and oysters along with several types of clams, tuna, and Pacific salmon.

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Soaking in Southern Comfort

The pink limo pulled up in front of our camping cabin at the Graceland RV park. Taste buds drooling, we climbed in for our short ride to Marlowe’s BBQ  restaurant, a BBQ institution in Memphis. The food was amazing as promised; BBQ chicken and ribs, creamy potato salad, tangy coleslaw, freshly made biscuits, and southern sweet tea. Life was tasty!


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