Drama on the Deschutes

Darkness had fallen by the time we pulled into camp. Immediately greeted by Ron and Dario, talking over eachother, regarding the “situation”. While still at the office I had received the text from Dario advising us that they had taken over our campsite, swapping out with theirs, just next door, but we had no idea of the drama that would ensue.

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Of Martini’s and Mustaches

The old guys across the way looked on in awe, somewhat startled to see us donning fake mustaches and posing for pictures with martini’s in hand. Next up, several rounds of ladderball, still with cocktails in hand. Yes, it’s right, we have taken camping to a whole different level!


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LePage in photos

We escaped rainy Portland for points east, making one of our favorite drives along the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway, destined for one of our favorite camping spots, LePage Park. A mere two hours east of Portland it is a whole different world, with dramatic cliffs and a dramatically drier climate! Perfect for early spring camping. Although the ever-present wind was much in evidence, the sunshine, good friends and great food were the perfect recipe for weekend bliss.


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Le Page Park – camping on the John Day

With fall approaching upon us, we wanted to get in as much late season camping as possible and fishing on the John Day was calling! Le Page park is one or favorite getaways, with the climate and scenery of the high desert of Central Oregon, but just a 2-hour scenic drive down the awe-inspiring corridor that is the Columbia Gorge.

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