Moving On – An Introduction

I know I’ve been silent on this blog for the last several weeks. The passing of our beloved Maddy shattered us.  After the first few days of constant crying jags, we tried to learn to adjust without her in our lives and it was devastating. She had become such a constant in our lives that, with her gone, we truly understood the absolute silence that existed without her. Morning was our special mommy & Maddy time…. we’d go outside for a pee and then she’d eat her breakfast and sit in the kitchen, watching me intently, while I told her what the day was to bring as I made coffee and lunches. Now, I found myself alone and would collapse into great gulping sobs, finding myself hunched over, hypher-ventilating, feeling as though I’d been gut-punched. Continue reading

We’ve Gone to the Dogs

One of our favorite things is spending time with black dog. Whether it be camping, hiking, or just hanging out, things are always best when we’re hanging out with Maddy. In May we had two big doggie events which, as expected, proved to be highly entertaining.

Early in the month we participated, once again, in the Oregon Humane Society’s annual Doggie Dash. This is a premiere Portland event and is attended by over 2000 dogs and their humans every year with proceeds going towards the Humane Society.

Portland sign

The “dash” consists of either a 1.5 mile walk along the waterfront at Tom McCall park or the walk we always do, a 2.5 mile walk Continue reading