The Why?

“This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2]”

The Why? In the end, in the search for a better way, a better plan, a better LIFE. Isn’t the why a necessary question? It is simple to say I want more money, or I want more time, or I want more stuff. But until you determine why it is impossible to determine the best path to take to achieve those goals.

On this, day 2 of Natalie’s Freedom Plan Blog Challenge, she asks us to answer a question that should, ideally, elicit a quick response. After all, if striving for something in particular, it seems as though the answer to why you are seeking that path should come easily.

However, I suspect this is not the reality for many. I, personally, know a great many people  who are dissatisfied; with their jobs, their cars, their houses, their spouse. You name it, they are always wanting something else, something more, convinced the grass is always greener. And, in some of these cases, it may be.

But in a consumer based society, so many of these wants don’t bring happiness and inner peace. That bigger house just means you’ll become accustomed to the size and feel you need something even larger. That tv, that you loved so much last week, will be replaced by something better. Expecting to find happiness from always wanting more, without answering the why, is ever elusive.

My answer to Natalie’s question today is this; I want to live the freedom lifestyle for just that- the freedom. I am not looking to follow an endless summer, or become a beach bum. In fact, I have worked more real hours since we hit the road full-time (and by this I mean not the endless, dragging hours spent pretending to work in my cubicle while sneaking looks at facebook or emailing my friends) than I have in years.

Today is a Sunday. I wrote two articles this morning, did some social networking, edited some pictures, and am now writing this response to the Freedom Plan challenge. Next I will pitch still more work. I did more yesterday. My weeks no longer consist of particular days of the week (just ask my BFF Ron who regularly receives emails from me saying “happy XXXX” while stating the wrong day of the week!) I no longer “live for the weekend” because I have no weekend.

But this freedom also means that this morning I spent an hour wandering a country road with my husband, my dog, and a good traveler of coffee. It means that on Wednesday we will leave camp to go and tour the 2000 year old ruins at Monte Alban, and on Thursday we will join in a multi-hour preparation of Chiles en Nogades with friends in celebration of Mexico’s Grito, or Independence day.

Freedom is choosing to leave Friday for points south. Or not. THIS is my why, The freedom to choose to live my days on my terms.