Seeing the Sites in Albuquerque

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New Mexico’s largest city sits at little over 5,000 feet in elevation, offering sweeping views of the majestic Southwestern landscapes surrounding it. Albuquerque, this intriguing city of a half million or so, owes much of its charm to the vibrant American Indian culture that shaped this region into the city it has become. This charming high desert city, founded in 1706 as a Spanish colony, features the old and the new, depending upon where you look in the city.

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Finding Diversity in New York State

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When many people hear “New York,” their mind immediately veers toward New York, the city. While, this is one of the world’s great destinations, there is more to New York. For those interested in seeing New York, the city and the state, and all that it has to offer, look no further than the Hipmunk offerings.

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The Insider’s Guide to Conquering Comic Con

Written in cooperation with Hipmunk. Originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on April 13, 2016 by TheHipmunk

Another year, another multitude of Comic Cons to attend. Whether you’re hitting up the mother of all Cons in San Diego, cosplaying in NYC, or attending a smaller Comic Con in Grand Rapids or Amarillo, the following strategies will help ensure that you have a truly delightful time.

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Airlines Are (Finally) Offering High-End Food

Written in cooperation with Hipmunk and originally published on January 21, 2016 at Tailwind by The Hipmunk

While some airlines have distinguished themselves with awesome in-flight entertainment options or stellar amenities in first, business, and economy class, for the most part airline food has failed to keep up with these new high-end innovations. Until now.

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Experience a Slice of Americana

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The United States is incredibly diverse. Each region of the country varies tremendously from the next, making travel eye-opening, even while not traveling far from home. To experience a slice of Americana, you need look no further than Columbus, Ohio. No, there is no “major” attraction there, but this city of just over 800,000 is a prime example of Midwestern regional charm and hospitality.

For the sports fans in the family, Columbus does happen to be the home of Ohio State University and their winning Buckeyes football team, and the city, voted one of the “best places to live”, is working to keep attracting the educated work force the city is known for.

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All of Chicago at your Fingertips

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The windy city has a little something for everyone. Come for an overnight stay or spend some time, but either way,Chicago will thrill with it’s Miracle Mile, Wrigley Stadium, and deep dish pizza. Set scenically on the shores of Lake Michigan, this vibrant city is one of the largest in the United States, offering up nearly endless sightseeing and dining options.

The cities dynamic skyline dominates downtown and is famous for museums, such as the Art Institute with it’s noted impressionist works, along with many sports teams.

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Small Town Charm in the Center of the Action

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Often considered in the shadow of mega-city Dallas- Fort Worth, Irving offers up a vibrant, and fast growing city. Ideally located to all of the highlights of the big city, while offering up a small town feel, Irving is a perfect slice of Americana. By choosing lodging in Irving, you can get the same quality for lower cost than in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Irving, itself, is listed on Forbes Magazine as one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and with it’s own wonderful offerings such as Shin’s Donuts, has much to draw interest in its own right.

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Discovering your own Slice of Seattle

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Featuring one of the most iconic skylines in the United States, Seattle, also known as the Emerald City, is beloved by many. Located scenically on Puget Sound, Seattle,a city of nearly 4 million in the metro area, offers up endless possibilities for outdoor adventure, urban sightseeing, and exceptional gastronomic options.

Everyone who visits Seattle has their favorite little slice of the city. With so many fascinating areas to explore, it is easy to choose your hotel based on your primary interests.

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Indulging in New York City

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NEW YORK CITY. The name is ubiquitous with luxury, nightlife, shopping, and being in the center of the action. To do this great city up right, finding a well located hotel that will pamper your body and soul after a full day sightseeing is essential.

In travel, as in real estate, location is king and midtown allows the traveler to take in MOMA, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station and Radio City Music Hall, to name just a few must see sites.

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Basking in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn. The name conjures up images of Ellis Island, Brighton Beach and Coney Island. New York City’s second borough is breaking out of Manhattan’s shadow with increasing velocity. Boutique hotels are all the rage, the art scene is thriving, and more and more travelers are embracing the diverse ethnic neighborhoods.

For those wanting to enjoy the true “melting pot” of New York, Brooklyn is the perfect location featuring many of the cities top museums, attractions, and flea markets all with cultural influences from around the world. Brooklyn is also home to a large number of free attractions such as Coney Island and an abundance of parks.

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