The Greatest Travel Experiences in the World

If you have an appetite for travel, and adventure then you have probably already added a few of these to your list. But, just in case you’re in the planning stages of your trip, these are some of the most celebrated travel experiences in the world. 

aurora borealis above mountain and body of water

Photo by Angela Compagnone on Unsplash

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Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam- that one word still has the power to create mixed emotions and adamant reactions from many Americans. What we found was a fascinating country, a crossroads of French and Asian culture, and a complicated history. With none of the pre-conceived ideas that taint our parents feelings for this SE Asian country, we were more able to fully appreciate both the remaining traumas from “the American War” as well as a society with strong ties to it’s French colonialism and location in Asia.

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Foto Friday

Foto Friday once again comes to you from Vietnam, a gorgeous country, seeped in history. We really enjoyed our time in Hoi An, one of the few cities not maimed by the war. Wandering the narrow streets is like walking back in time to the colonial era of the country, smelling french bread baking next to a street cart selling fish sauce – a perfect combination of Vietnamese society.