Rajastan III – Land of Maharaja’s and Pilgrams

Udaipur, most famous for it’s Lake Palace, was the next stop on our route. It does, of course, also have an impressive fort! Built in 1559, and fort is massive with many overlapping courtyards, terraces, and gardens and set overlooking the lake and the Maharaja’s current residence on the far side.

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A Timeless Journey through Rajastan, or, what happens when you’re scammed in India.

Rajastan – The name along evokes images of camel caravans, bearded desert Bedouins touting sabers, and incense soaked markets. I’ve split our story of Rajastan into four separate posts, the area is too overwhelming to be confined to just one.

Camel carts in Rajastan

We arrived in India at midnight, the unfortunate time of many international arriving flights. After two hours in the dank, decrepit Delhi airport, we had our bags and exited the airport into the chill of the night. Shocked and discombobulated by the hundreds of touts and taxi drivers vying for our attention we chose one and were off to our hotel. Or so we thought. Continue reading