A Look Back ~ and Forward

Time is always surprising; It seems like just yesterday, not nearly 27 years ago, that I first locked eyes with Jim, in Ken’s living room. Jim, full-bearded and scruffy, just off the boat from Alaska. Myself, fully focused on going to school for international law and moving to Paris. An unlikely pair? Apparently not~ Six days after our first date Jim asked me to marry him, and the rest, as they say, is history. Astonishingly, June 2nd we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary. 25 years… it seems unreal, and presents a very literal example of how fast time moves by.


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Orcas Island – San Juan Islands part deux

Our second island visit in the San Juans was Orcas island, a much larger and busier island than Lopez. While we were sad to leave our fantastic beachfront campsite on Lopez, we were extremely excited to head to Orcas for one reason: Doe Bay Resort.

Back in February when we were researching and booking this trip I found Doe Bay online. We were taken back by the cost ($62 for a non-hookup site!), but we were drawn to the ideals of an organic, earthy, yoga inspired resort. The advertised soaking pools on a deck overlooking the bay sealed the deal! Continue reading

Lopez Island – San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands, famous here in the Northwest and beyond as a haven for boaters, those seeking solitude, and hippies. Surprisingly enough, neither Jim nor I had ever traveled there before. We were told the week of July 4th was not the optimal time to to travel to the islands, with stories of 10 hour waits for the ferries and overcrowded campgrounds but we decided to take the chance. Continue reading