Celebrating or Two-Year Blogiversary

Two years from today I did our first blog post. At the time I was completely unsure if anyone would read it. For a long time, it seemed no one did. No, not even our family. In fact, to this day, although we have had over 35,000 visitors in all 50 states and over 20 countries worldwide, I can assure you that the majority of our close friends and family have no idea what I spend so much time writing about.


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Featured on Briefcase to Backpack!

Not long ago, Jim & I were featured on the Career Break pages of Briefcase to Backpack, a site encouraging and teaching others how to take a successful and long-term career break. We were contacted by them after last years Meet, Plan, Go meetings when an encouraging numbers of newbies to extended travel were wondering just how it’s done!

The article turned out great. Check it out here: