Four Of The Most Exhilarating U.S. Destinations To Experience

America is such a vast place. Many tourists have no idea where to go and what to see when planning a trip to this huge nation. In fact, domestic tourists can find themselves in the same situation. Many people born in the United States have only experienced a small number of the fantastic destinations that this great country has to offer. There are so many states, and each one feels like a small country. So, how should you begin your exploration of this ginormous nation? Well, these are four of the most exhilarating U.S. destinations to experience.

Road Beside Buildings

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Walking with the Stars

Written in cooperation with the Hipmunk Boutique hotel campaign.

Hollywood. That word is, justifiably, world-famous. For decades, young hopefuls have streamed into California, all with the hopes of seeing their name up in lights, and their handprints on the side-walk among the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For travelers, the name is synonymous with glamour. Mann’s Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Sign, the Sunset Strip, and Melrose Avenue.

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