The Arrivals

It’s the people you miss. The trade-off for a life lived out in the world is that you leave behind those you care about. That twinge of sadness at the idea of missing out on all those celebrations and camping trips and dinners out. Luckily for us, the arrivals started last week.


We have visited Puerto Vallarta many times with the family, most recently just three short years ago. In large part, our desire to set down roots for a few months here was the knowledge that Jim’s parents would be willing to make the trek south to a land they are familiar with.


As we plotted their arrival and announced our time in town, we got a surprise email from our friend Jeanne. We first met her in 2000 in China and in the 16 years since have only seen her one other time. What a fluke. She just happened to be spending a week in PV with some girlfriends, staying at the same resort as Jim’s parents. One thing we have learned on this wild ride, you just never know when such chance encounters will occur.


We headed to the airport early, hoping to have a moment with Jeanne while waiting for mom and dads later flight. Focused in the distance, we suddenly realized a man had stopped directly in front of us. As we changed focus for a moment we realized our friends Ed  & Kate and his family, whom we had not seen in a decade, also appeared to have decided Puerto Vallarta was a good idea!


The week that ensued was filled with laughter and playing catch up. Time and place seemed insignificant as we shared stories and laughs over drinks. Jeanne and I scoured the streets in search of an elusive item, sharing travel tales over street tacos. Mom and dad  filled us in on the events of home while floating the lazy river in intertubes. We talked 10 years of history with Ed & Kate over beers and pizza, and in the doing so realized Ed was now working with the brother of a friend of mine whom I worked with years ago. Sometimes, the world becomes a very small place.

If anything, the week renewed the feeling that separation of the physical being does not separate the closeness of those people in our lives.


Our friends have returned home. Home to jobs and homes and the day to day as they know it. Mom and dad remain with us for one more week. One more week to make new memories that will continue to sustain until the next time we experience arrivals.

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4 thoughts on “The Arrivals

  1. What lovely coincidences! It’s so nice when friends and family visit you on the road, I think I’ve spent more quality time with my family this way since I left the UK than I ever did when I lived there. Glad to hear you’re having fun 🙂

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