Whats Next?

Our time in Puerto Vallarta is quickly coming to an end. As ever, I am a bit in awe of just how quickly time can pass us by. Three months. It sounds like such a long time to spend in a city that we have only granted one week stays in the past. Time flys by in a heartbeat. The big question now is … Whats Next?


The road is a great teacher and, once again, the way forward is becoming clear. This three month respite from the road taught us that we simply long to be in our tiny house. While Jim’s dad was visiting he assumed we would be reluctant to leave our larger apartment with a bathroom to move back into the camper. He could not be more incorrect.

Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But, no matter, the road is LIFE. – Jack Kerouac

You see, we have some seriously itchy feet and are now dreaming of the day, a mere two weeks from today, when we once again hit the road. I can’t say a part of me won’t miss being able to pad naked and barefoot to the bathroom first thing in the morning, but there is nothing else about our current situation that comes close to the happiness brought to us by our home on wheels.


Challenges can abound no matter what your circumstances. Our challenge has recently been dealing with the humidity that is summer in the tropics. The challenge of feeling trapped. The challenge of working towards multiple income streams, all with their own demands. The challenge of always questioning the path ahead and where the universe will lead us.

A good friend recently posted on her own such challenges, to which her husbands response had been “There are no straight lines in nature, we’ll get there”. While he was speaking of their path, he could have been talking to us. So well said Brian.

May all your trails be crooked, winding, dangerous, leading to the most amazing views, where something strange and more beautiful and more full of wonder than your deepest dreams waits for you. – Edward Abbey

Whats next? Well, we’re heading to the hills. Colonial Mexico is calling us. We are antsy to get back into our Spanish lessons, to cook in our dutch oven, to wake up under the stars (well, in our camper under the stars), and to once again spend the majority of our time in the outdoors, away from the stifling humidity of the coast.


Three months. Our year has seemed to run in three month cycles~ three months in Baja. Three months in Puerto Vallarta. And now, we have almost three months left on our visa before racing to Guatemala for a visa run, only to then again return to finish up our time in this magical country. Three months to eagerly embrace the cultural heritage of central Mexico. Three months to swim in mountain lakes, grow our business, and follow wherever the windy path may lead.

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8 thoughts on “Whats Next?

  1. The beaches are beautiful, but I LOVE the mountains, so I look forward to your pictures from the hills.

  2. There’s just something special about hitting the open road; there’s nothing quite like it so I totally understand your yearning to move on. With that being said, I think there is also a lot to be said for taking your time to catch you breath and mapping out the next chapter. I’m excited for you and looking forward to following your journey. Safe travels!

    • All part of the journey, right Patti? We are so anxious to hit the road for new adventures.

  3. So great you share with us who lack the resources & get up & go.
    Love to hear what you do who you encounter & other simple pleasures you have. Please tell us if things are priced well….? I heard gas is rather expensive there?

    • Thanks Susanna. Yep, gas is expensive here… but everything, for the most part, is super inexpensive (if you don’t require all the same things you can buy at home) so it more than makes up for it. Our normal lunch is about $2-3 per person and dinner not much more depending on where we go. Street tacos are $1, as is a beer. And the fruit is AMAZING and super inexpensive and avocados.. omg, don’t get me started on the avocados!

  4. Ack, “what’s next” – my least favorite question these days! We thought we had a 2016 plan but that fell through; there are no straight lines in nature 😉 and now we find ourselves constantly asking “what’s next?” (as well as the general question of “what the hell are we doing with our lives?” which, oddly, we never asked ourselves while we were traveling). Frustrating, yes, but with everything else going on in the world I have to remind myself to be grateful that this is my biggest challenge at the moment.

    Hang in there with the business! Onward and upward (literally – yay for mountains!). And thanks for the reminder to get outside.

    • Sorry the year isn’t working out as planned. Hang in there, sometimes when it all goes pear-shaped is when the universe has her best chance of leading you down a new path. Love the latest waterfall pictures 🙂

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