Our New Home~ An Introduction

After the teaser photos on social media here is the post that you all asked for~ interior photos of our new home.


After the universe spoke to us and radically changed up our plans… AGAIN, we determined that our beloved Tequila was simply not quite right for this latest adventure. Mobile and compact, Tequila was perfect for our last couple of years but simply not a big enough floorplan to accommodate wet, cold springs and falls here at Camp Coeur D’Alene.



Jim, ever eager to hunt the internet, began the search and in a matter of days found a 2011 Lance 1685 trailer that had only been used a dozen times. And it was located a mere 30 minutes away in Spokane Valley.


A quick tour, a small amount of negotiation, and we had a new home, or to be more accurate a second home! Not exactly what a couple of minimalists need!

DSCN8261_0435-1 DSCN8272_0447-1

These last few weeks have involved moving from one tiny home to a larger, and yet still tiny, new home. Tequila is now cleaned up and spending the winter in storage before being put up for sale in the spring and we are relishing the additional floor space which is massive in comparison.

DSCN8269_0444-1 DSCN8240_0421

Lights are up, artwork hung, cupboards organized. Aspen has the largest dog bed around, complete with the coziest blanket imaginable (thanks, Jennifer!) and the whole family is content.

DSCN8235_0416 DSCN8238_0419

The weather is turning and Baja is calling so our new tiny house, yet to be named, will soon discover a whole new country as the newly updated next big adventure continues.


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5 thoughts on “Our New Home~ An Introduction

  1. Excellent! You must feel as if you’re living in a tiny palace in comparison to the camper. How fun is this new chapter you fell in to? I’m so so super happy for the two of you. Well done!

    • Thanks Patti 🙂 And yes, it feels positively spacious. Of course, because she’s my velcro dog, Aspen is still generally totally under my feet while I”m trying to cook.. lol, that is when we can get her out of her cushy bed:)

    • Thanks Veronica,
      Actually we’ve been living in our truck camper for two years now so we’re pretty familiar with minimalism!

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